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Atlantis the journal

Atlantis (AT) was created to cope with the increasing demand for literature and periodicals covering the period separating pre-history from history, and for excursions into the unusual and the unreal. Atlantis was enjoyed by many readers in all parts of the world — scientists, experts and authorities on various kindred subjects, and interested lay readers. The journal endeavored to push back the curtain of earliest known history and encouraged all who would join them in their fascinating quest — to search for the source of civilization.


*Listing numbers of all the issues of Atlantis from AT #1 (1948 May/June Vol. 1 No. 1) through AT #162 (1976 December Vol. 29 No. 5/6)

  • AT #1 1948 May/June Vol. 1 No. 1
    From The Editor. Hoerbiger And The Cosmic Cloud by Francis Ashton. This Atlantis Question by Egerton Sykes. Atlantis: Light From The Old Frisian Oera Linda Boek by Harold T. Wilkins. The Earliest Survey Of Britain by K.H. Koop. Conceptions And Autopsies. Literary Monologue. News From The Research Centre Group.
  • AT #2 1948 July/August Vol. 1 No. 2
    Hoerbiger In Britain by H.S. Bellamy. Atlantis: The Atlantic Continent And Its Submersion by Rene Malaise. The Location Of Atlantean Remains by C.C.M. Hardy. The Welsh Temple Of The Zodiac by Lewis Edwards. The Earliest Survey Of Britain by K.H. Koop. Conceptions And Autopsies. Literary Monologue. News From The Research Centre Group.
  • AT #3 1948 September/October Vol. 1 No. 3
    Is Luna The Child Of The Earth? by L.C. Suggars. The Hoerbiger Theory And The Rings Of Saturn by Francis Ashton. Atlantis: The Atlantic Continent And Its Submersion by Dr. Rene Malaise. Elephants In America by P.L. Collignon. Looking For Atlantis by C.A.J. Cordasco. The Welsh Temple Of The Zodiac by Lewis Edwards. Note From The Editor. Literary Monologues. Letter To The Editor.
  • AT #4 1948 November/December Vol. 1 No. 4
    The Great Cataclysms Of Pre History: Summary Of A Lecture Given By Francis Ashton. Atlantis: The Atlantis Continent And Its Submersion by Dr. Rene Malaise. Basques by Dr. P.L. Collignon. The Voyage Of The Albatross by Francis Ashton. The Welsh Temple Of The Zodiac by Lewis Edwards. Literary Monologues. Letters To The Editor.
  • AT #5 1949 January/February Vol. 1 No. 5
    The Great Cataclysms Of Pre-History: An Appreciation Of Mr. Ashton’s Lecture by E. Boughton. The Hoerbiger Institute At Vienna 1938-1948 by Manfred Reiffenstein. American Origins—Some Facts And Problems by C.A. Burland. Atlantis As Visualised By The Renaissance Scholars by Dr. Nicola Russo. Literary Monologues.
  • AT #6 1949 March Vol. 1 No. 6
    How I Remember Hoerbiger by H.S. Bellamy. The Great Cataclysms Of Pre-History by Francis Ashton. Noah’s Ark: The Secret Of Mount Ararat by Egerton Sykes. Submerged Causeway Of The Isles Of Scilly by Capt. G.F. Leechman. Witold Balcer’s “Mystery Of the Zodiac” by Michael Kamienski. Literary Monologues.
  • AT #7 1949 April/May Vol. 2 No. 1
    Analysis And Retrospect by Egerton Sykes. The Deluge And Its Causes by H.S. Bellamy. The Scientific Approach To The Study Of Atlantis by Father P.N. Zammit. Did Tobacco Originate In Africa? by M.B. Francklyn. California Giants by Princess Daria Troubetskoi. Atlantean Traces In The Cap Verde Islands by Capt. H.P.C. Anderson. The Mystery Of The Zodiac by Witold Balcer. Literary Monologues.
  • AT #8 1949 June/July Vol. 2 No. 2
    The Cape Hangklip Site by Brigadier R.P. Gatehouse. Sunken Lands Near The Azores by Captain R. Dahl. The Meteor Expedition Of 1938 by Captain Hans Hain. Egyptian Place Names by Dr. P.L. Collignon. Causeways Under Water by V.G. Howe. Galvao’s Cataract by D.K. Bentham. Literary Monologues.
  • AT #9 1949 August/September Vol. 2 No. 3
    The Rocklands Site by Brigadier R.P. Gatehouse. Civilisation Threatened by Egerton Sykes. Platonic Miscellany by Leslie Young. Basque Notes by Dr. P.L. Collignon. Egyptian Place Names (conclusion) by Dr. P.L. Collignon. The Rendel Harris Essays. Discovery of Giants In South Africa. Appointment Of Representative For Benelux Countries. Literary Monologues.
  • AT #10 1949 October/November Vol. 2 No. 4
    Hoerbiger And The March Of Time by L.C. Suggars. An Asteroid As The Possible Cause Of The Atlantis Submersion by Professor N. Boneff. Zodiacal Epochs by Professor M. Kamienski. Mexican Deluge Legends by C.A. Burland. The New Critical Edition Of Donnelly by L. Young. The Possibility Of The Egyptian And Atlantean Cultures Having Been Contemporary by Professor Rene Malaise (Complemented By Letters Exchanged Between Dr. Rene Malaise and Dr. P.L. Collignon. A Correction. Prolegomena To The Study Of Myths.
  • AT #11 1949/1950 December/January Vol. 2 No. 5
    The Theory Of Hoerbiger by Egerton Sykes. The Dating Of Ancient Timbers And Bones By Radio-Active Carbon by F. Ashton. The Paradox Of History by Continenza Angelo. The Mastaba Excursion by J. Cordasco. The Omaha Earth Lodge by D.K. Bentham. Lands To The West by P.L. Collignon. The Ark And The Moon Capture Theory by P.S. Arup. Literary Monologues. The Lion And The Unicorn by Alice MacKern. Australian Cave Paintings.
  • AT #12 1950 February/March Vol. 2 No. 6
    European Literature Since 1914 by Egerton Sykes. Orichalcum by Egerton Sykes. The Orichalcum Of The Atlantians by Ivan Tournier. The Birth Of The Moon by Michael Kamienski. Tiahuanaco—The Next Stage by Edmund Kiss. Earth Lodge And Eternal House by C.A. Burland. Thanet Archaeological Society. Letter From Edmund Kiss.
  • AT #13 1950 May Vol. 3 No. 1
    Dowsing And Archaeology by Lt.-Col. C.D.A. Fenwick. The Origin Of The Maya Calendar by Georg Hinzpeter. Folk Memory by Helen T. Sherlock. Some Remarks On The Critias by Edmund Kiss. Did The Ancients Know Of America? by K.B. Jamieson. Rose Macaulay On Atlantis. Prehistoric Man In George And Knysna by E.S. Sawyer.
  • AT #14 1950 July Vol. 3 No. 2
    The Head Of Medusa by Egerton Sykes. Ziggurats by C.A. Burland. Island Traces Off Amazon Estuary. Coyote Myths by Mary C. Wheelwright. Discoveries At Tobago by Pamela O’Reilly. The Gypsies And Their Origin by Vera Garner Howe. The Ancients And America by Harper Cory. The Maya Calendar by C.A. Burland. Rene-Maurice Gattefosse—An Appreciation. Literary Monologue. Correction.
  • AT #15 1950 September Vol. 3 No. 3
    To And Fro Before Columbus by K.E. Jamieson. The Tooth Of The Graiae by D.K. Bentham. Reply To Mr. Harper Cory by K.E. Jamieson. The Rhesus Negative Factor And The Atlanteans by J.A. Clarke. The African Bushmen And Atlantis by E.S. Sawyer. Coldharbour Investigations by K.H. Koop. The Sex Of Sun And Moon Gods by Egerton Sykes. Literature And Films. Les Amis D’Atlantis And L’Atlantide De Demain.
  • AT #16 1950 November Vol. 3 No. 4
    The Labours Of Hercules by Egerton Sykes. A Case For The Historical King Arthur As An East Anglian by J.P. Kirton. Sir Robert Ball And The Hoerbiger Theory by T.P. Bradley. Honorary Appointments. Literature And Music.
  • AT #17 1951 January Vol. 3 No. 5
    To And Fro Before Columbus by K.B. Jamieson. The Island Of The Serpent by D.R. Bentham. The Original Orbit Of Luna by L.C. Suggars. The Duality Of Hercules by L.A. Young. Zimbabwe—A Strange Mystery by E.J. Sawyer. An Astronomical Query by C.A. Burland. Literature.
  • AT #18 1951 March Vol. 3 No. 6
    Gravity: The Basic Law Of Nature by Rev. Father A. Glazewski. Amesbury And The Heroic Age by Marion C. Culverwell. Large Hailstones: Are They Something New? by Edmund Kiss. Determination Of Dates In A Mixtec Codice by C.A. Burland. Literature. Press Cuttings.
  • AT #19 1951 May Vol. 4 No. 1
    Editorial. To And Fro Before Columbus by K.B. Jamieson. Egyptian Place Names by Dr. P.L. Collignon. Encke’s Comet by Francis Ashton. Book Reviews.
  • AT #20 1951 July Vol. 4 No. 2
    Editorial: Is There Still A Chance Of Avoiding World War Three? by Egerton Sykes. The Calendar Of Kalasasaya by P Allan. Notes On Some Coyote Myths by Mary C. Wheelwright. The Theory Of The Tides And The Problem Of Atlantis by Professor N. Boneff. Note On The Atlantis Circulating Library. Book Reviews.
  • AT #21 1951 September Vol. 4 No. 3
    Astronomical History And Atlantis by L.C. Suggars. The Antiquity Of Homo Sapiens by L. Young. The City Of Brass by Egerton Sykes. Correction. Akeman Street (Oxfordshire Section) by F.R. Watts. Radiesthesia. Book And Film Reviews.
  • AT #22 1951 November Vol. 4 No. 4
    The Americas by Egerton Sykes. The Mystery Of Titicaca by Egerton Sykes. When Did Atlantis Flourish? by Georg Hinzpeter. From Mexico To Aztlan By Sea by Edmund Kiss. Coldharbour Alignments by K.H. Koop. Book And Film Reviews.
  • AT #23 1952 January Vol. 4 No. 5
    The Schliemann Mystery by Egerton Sykes. The Ice Age In South Africa by E.J. Sawyer. The Past Of Halley’s Comet by Professor M. Kamienski. The Calendar Of Kalasasaya by P. Allan.
  • AT #24 1952 March Vol. 4 No. 6
    Diego De Alcobaca And Tiahuanaco by Edmund Kiss. Cuba And Atlantis by Garcia Juarez. Hiawatha by Egerton Sykes. The Siriadic Columns by Paul Hoffman. Some Atlantean Personalities. Underwater Mountain Chain In South Pacific. Books.
  • AT #25 1952 May Vol. 5 No. 1
    The Future Of The Earth by Commander E.H. Nutter. The Hiawatha Story by Harper Cory. Discovery Of 300 Skeletons In The Pyrenees by V.G. Howe. The Story Of The Silver Belt by Egerton Sykes. The Calendar Of Kalasasaya by P. Allan. Comment On Schliemann by C.F. Burland. Niebla by E.S. de Virpsha. Comment On Kalasasaya by Commander E.H. Nutter.
  • AT #26 1952 July Vol. 5 No. 2
    Negative Or Contra Terrene Matter by Egerton Sykes. Atlantis And The Earth Shaker by Robert Bradley. If The Moon Wins by Commander E.H. Nutter. Pierre Collignon: An Appreciation. New Light On The Atlantis Problem by A.W.P. Tulip. Book Reviews.
  • AT #27 1952 September Vol. 5 No. 3
    Flying Saucers And Negative Matter by Egerton Sykes. If The Moon Wins (Part II) by Commander Nutter. Velikovsky And His Theory by G. Hinzpeter. A Note On Chronology by P. Allan. Many Columned Iram. Two Early Hoerbiger Books. Pastor Spanuth And Atlantis. Heresy! by Commander Nutter.
  • AT #28 1952 November Vol. 5 No. 4
    Lemuria. The Pacific Culture by Egerton Sykes. The Oera Linda Boek. The Valley Of Fossil Bones by Ernest J. Sawyer. Professor Homet. A Possible Egyptian Time Scale. The French Ararat Expedition. A New Synthesis Of Folklore by Leslie Young. Correspondence On Heresy by R.A. Bradley, E.H. Nutter, A.W.P. Tulip. Does Anybody Know?
  • AT #29 1953 January Vol. 5 No. 5
    The Pedra Pintada—Painted Rock by Prof. Marcel Homet. Snorre Sturlasson And Atlantis by Paul Hoffman. The Sun Temple Of Kalasasaya by P. Allan. The Sign Of The Dragon by Johannes G. Arnoldt. L’Atlantide de Demain. Answer To “No More Heresy” by E.H. Nutter. Charts Of The Congo River Mouth. The Straight Tracks Of England by E. Sykes. Pastor Spanuth by Paul Hoffman. Book Reviews.
  • AT #30 1953 March Vol. 5 No. 6
    The Epic Of Gilgamesh. Brazil And The Mediterranean by Prof. Marcel Homet. The Amazons by P. Hoffman. Arthur And The Cromlechs by M.C. Carr Gomm. Where Calypso May Have Lived by Egerton Sykes. The New Translation Of The Oera Linda Boek. A Policy For The Hoerbiger Institute by Capt. A.J. Kirton. Book Reviews.
  • AT #31 1953 May Vol. 6 No. 1
    The Coronation. Flood Myths And History by Hugh Soar. A Revised Hoerbiger Theory by Commander E.H. Nutter. Plato And The Critias by Paul Hoffman. Can There Be Ice On The Moon by E. Kiss. A New System Of Weights And Measures. Films.
  • AT #32 1953 July Vol. 6 No. 2
    Flood Myths And History (Part 2) by Hugh Soar. A Revised Hoerbiger Theory (Part 2) by Commander E.H. Nutter. Index To Rendel Harris by E.F. Wills. The Albigenses And The Holy Grail by Lewis Edwards. Books And Exhibition.
  • AT #33 1953 September Vol. 6 No. 3
    The Argonauts by Egerton Sykes. Flood Myths (Part 3) by Hugh Soar. Atlantean Sites by A.L. Joquel II. Weather Abnormalities & The Atomic Bomb by E.S. Schultz. Book Reviews.
  • AT #34 1953 November Vol. 7 No. 1
    Lecture Notes. Change Lays Not Her Hand On Truth. The ‘Lost Atlantis’ Of G.I. Bryant by Egerton Sykes. Demonology And Disaster by Hugh Soar.
  • AT #35 1954 January Vol. 7 No. 2
    Lecture Notes. Lost Atlantis (Chapter Three). Guyots—A Speculation by E.H. Nutter. Demonology And Disaster (Chapter Two). Is Astronomy Worth While? by L.C. Suggars. Books.
  • AT #36 1954 March Vol. 7 No. 3
    Lecture Notices. The Earth And Cosmos Of The Early Semites by G. Hinzpeter. Lost Atlantis (Chapter Four) by E. Sykes. The Harbour Of Nan Matal. Fire, Flood, And Famine (Chapter Three) by Hugh Soar.
  • AT #37 1954 May Vol. 7 No. 4
    Hoerbiger’s Moon Capture Theory by L.C. Suggars. Atlantis—A Geological Survey by E.H. Nutter. Demonology And Disaster by Hugh Soar. Map Giving Situations Of Cataclysm Myths And Atlantis. Electro Plating In The Ancient World by W. Savitsky.
  • AT #38 1954 July Vol. 7 No. 5
    Lost Atlantis (Chapter Five) by Egerton Sykes. Negative Matter by L.C. Suggars. Letter from Dr. Malaise. The Atlantic And The Theory Of Continental Drift by Paul Hoffman. Books And Films.
  • AT #39 1954 September Vol. 7 No. 6
    Notices. The Late Paul Le Cour. Lost Atlantis by E. Sykes. Reply To Dr. Malaise by Commander Nutter. The Canaries In 1776. The Capture Of The Moon by A.W.P. Tulip. A Communication From Professor N. Boneff. Books.
  • AT #40 1954 November Vol. 8 No. 1
    Notices. The Chronology Of The Pre Lunar Age by G. Hinzpeter. Lost Atlantis—Chapter Seven. Atlantis In North Africa by A. Rutot. Books.
  • AT #41 1955 January Vol. 8 No. 2
    Notices. Continental Drift by J.P. Kirton. Butavand’s Atlantis. Lost Atlantis—Chapter 8.
  • AT #42 1955 March Vol. 8 No. 3
    Notices. The Poles, The Prophets And The Pyramids by Firth Scott. The Great Idol Of Tiahuanaco by E.H. Nutter. The Cult Of The Bull by Vera Howe. Lost Atlantis—Chapter 8 (cont.) and 9. Books.
  • AT #43 1955 May Vol. 8 No. 4
    Notices. The Poles, Prophets And Pyramids. Chapter 1. Solving The Symbols by Firth Scott. Mr. Lewis Spence. Lost Atlantis—Conclusion. Books And Films.
  • AT #44 1955 July Vol. 8 No. 5
    New Theories. The Development Of The Crust Of The Earth. Earth Climate Over The Geologic Ages by Capt. J.P. Kirton. The Date Of Classical Tiahuanaco by P. Allan. The Myth Of The Australian Aborigine. Poles, Prophets And Pyramids by Firth Scott. Keely Motors. The Work Of Father A. Glazewski. Books.
  • AT #45 1955 September Vol. 8 No. 6
    Books. The Poles, Prophets And Pyramids. Chapter 1. Solving The Symbols Continued by Firth Scott. The Drayson Question by E. Sykes. An American Viewpoint by Robert A. Bradley. Current Literature Available.
  • AT #46 1955 November Vol. 9 No. 1
    Editorial. An English Point Of View I by Commander E.H. Nutter. An English Point Of View II by L.C. Suggars. Captain Robson’s Discovery by A.L. Joquel II. Poles, Prophets And Pyramids. Chapter II. The Cult Of The Dragon by Firth Scott. The Mystery Of Water—Introduction by H. Soar. Current Literature Available.
  • AT #47 1956 January Vol. 9 No. 2
    Pushing The Threshold Of History Back. The Canals On Mars by L.C. Suggars. The Poles, Prophets And Pyramids. Chapter II Continued. The Cult Of The Dragon. Pole Of The Ecliptic by Firth Scott. Points Of View (Continued). Our Contributors. What To Buy.
  • AT #48 1956 March Vol. 9 No. 3
    L’Atlantide De Demain. The Date Of The Submersion Of Poseidonia by Professor M. Kamienski. Negative Matter by L.C. Suggars. The Poles, Prophets And Pyramids. Chapter II (Contd.) The Cult Of The Dragon by Firth Scott. Ancient Hindu Astronomy by Robert A. Bradley. What To Buy.
  • AT #49 1956 May Vol. 9 No. 4
    The Soviets And Atlantis by Egerton Sykes. Hoerbiger And Tiahuanaco by P. Allan. Ancient Hindu Astronomy. Part II by Robert A. Bradley. Morley On Eclipses And Floods by Paul Hoffman. Invitation To Hoerbiger by E.H. Nutter. Recent Soviet Interest In Atlantis. The Island Of Captain Robson by L.D. Hills. Book Reviews.
  • AT #50 1956 July Vol. 9 No. 5
    The Mystery Of Water. Chapter One: Flood Myth—Creation Myth—Theories by Hugh Soar. A Letter From Mr. Bradley. Destruction Of Poseidonia by E.H. Nutter. A Cingalese Flood Legend by Boedeker U.E. Ramage. Book Reviews.
  • AT #51 1956 September Vol. 9 No. 6
    The Poles, Prophets And Pyramids. Chapter III. The Grip Of The Glacial by Firth Scott. Satellite In The Sky—Film Review. The Land Bridge Across The North Sea. A Letter From Prof. M. Kamienski. Books.
  • AT #52 1956 November Vol. 10 No. 1
    The Geophysical Year. Ancient Hindu Astronomy—Part IV by Robert Bradley. Creation Myths—Conclusion. Echoes Of Atlantis In Nippon by Professor A.M. Kamienski. Letters. Books.
  • AT #53 1957 January Vol. 10 No. 2
    Continental Drift. The Prehistoric Trackways Of Oxfordshire by F.R. Watts. Cosmic Rays by Egerton Sykes. Ancient Hindu Astronomy by Robert A. Bradley. Books.
  • AT #54 1957 March Vol. 10 No. 3
    The Wobble In The Spin Of The Earth. An Astronomical Attempt Of The Determination Of The Date Of The Fall Of Troy by Prof. Michael Kamienski. Recent News About The Famous Statues Of Easter Island. The Holpuch Objects. The Gap In The Dike. The South Polar Ice Cap. Lands Beneath The Atlantic. Some Notes On Egyptian Myth And Legend. Books.
  • AT #55 1957 May Vol. 10 No. 4
    Solon, Thespis And Theopompus. From The Minotaurs Of Crete To Donn, The Bull Of Ireland by Kate Muller Lisowski. The Barber Theory Of The Gyroscopic Earth. Aspects Of Tiahuanaco by P. Allan. The Ararat Expedition. A Recognition Of The Work Of P. Allan And H.S. Bellamy. Books.
  • AT #56 1957 July Vol. 10 No. 5
    Poles, Prophets And Pyramids. Part IV. The Pathway Of The Poles by Firth Scott. Recent Books.
  • AT #57 1957 September Vol. 10 No. 6
    A Sad Reflection Of Our Times. The Masma Culture by P. Allan. Electrostatic Propulsion For Counteracting Inertia by C.F. Krafft. More About St. Michael’ Islands. Poles, Prophets And Pyramids. Chapter IV (Conclusion). The Pathway Of The Poles by Firth Scott. Numbers In Arab Myth. The Cosmic Ice Theory Brought Up To Date by N.Th. Zhirov. Books.
  • AT #58 1957 November Vol. 11 No. 1
    The Changing Pattern Of Existence. The Martian Canals by P.F. Sharp. The Masma Culture by E.H. Nutter. A Letter from Dr. Zhirov. Atlantis And The Sea Of Azof. The Tiahuanaco Culture by Capt. J. Byrne. Books.
  • AT #59 1958 January Vol. 11 No. 2
    The Abominable Snowman. The Paul Schliemann Mystery by N.Th. Zhirov. Is Plato Continued In Genesis? by Capt. J. Byrne. The Cosmic Ice Theory Brought Up To Date (Conclusion) by N.Th Zhirov. Poles, Priests And Pyramids. Chapter 5: Avebury by Firth Scott. Books Of Interest.
  • AT #60 1958 March Vol. 11 No. 3
    A Discovery Which May Prove To Be Momentous. Madam Catherine Hagemeister—Obituary by Th. Zhirov. Some Remarks On “Masma Culture” By P. Allan by N.Th. Zhirov. Poles, Priests And Pyramids (Conclusion Of Chapter V) Avebury by Firth Scott. Two Operas On Atlantis In The News. Books Of Interest.
  • AT #61 1958 May/June Vol. 11 No. 4
    Easter Island—A Partial Solution. The Zunagua Monolith Of Tiahuanaco by P. Allan. Final Approach Of The Tertiary Satellite by E.H. Nutter. Stonehenge. A Conjectural Map Of The Atlantic Ocean In 100,000 BC. The Ballycastle Colleries. Poles, Priests And Pyramids (Chapter VI). The Cross Of Cygnus by Firth Scott. Books Of Interest.
  • AT #62 1958 July/August Vol. 11 No. 5
    The Progress Of Atlantean Research Work. Investigation Of The Time Scale Of The Tertiary Satellite by E.H. Nutter. Short Notices On Atlantean Research. Poles, Priests And Pyramids (Conclusion) Chapter VI. The Cross Of Cygnus by Firth Scott. The Earliest Survey by K.H. Koop. Books.
  • AT #63 1958 September/October Vol. 11 No. 6
    Notes Of The Day. Further Discoveries by Mr. Gouvieva. An Open Letter From Dr. Zhirov. They Knew Where They Were Going In The Bronze Age by M.C. Carr-Gomm. The Origin Of The “Sally Lunn”. A Note On The Guanches Of The Canary Islands. Odysseus, The Argonauts, And Atlantis. Part I by N.Th. Zhirov. Le Plongeon And The Hoerbiger Theory. The Green Sounding Stone In Atlantis? The Search For Atlantis In The Sahara. Books.
  • AT #64 1958 November/December Vol. 12 No. 1
    Co-ordination Of Effort. The Phaethon Myth—A Meteoric Catastrophe? by Professor Dr. S.A. Kovalevski. Odysseus, The Argonauts, And Atlantis. Part II. Conclusion by N.Th. Zhirov. Guanche Mummies by Jean Gattefosse. Byron Kuhn De Prorok. News From Mr. Gouvieva. A Letter From Mrs. Amy Myddelton. East Africa And The Past. L’Atlantide Quartinaire. Books. Maeldune, St. Brendan And Others.
  • AT #65 1959 January/February Vol. 12 No. 2
    The Atlantic Routes. Jules Verne And Atlantis. The Azores As An Atlantean Centre? The Capital City Of Atlantis And The Guyots by N.Th. Zhirov. Another Rhyme On Sally Water. Footnote To Hoerbiger’s Cosmic Ice Theory by N.Th. Zhirov. The Theory Of Tides And Atlantis. The Great Siberian Meteor. Deep Sea Sediments. Le Plongeon, Paul Schliemann And Hoerbiger. Book Notes by N.Th. Zhirov.
  • AT #66 1959 March/April Vol. 12 No. 3
    The Problems Of The Day. The Pokotia And “Snake” Idols Of Tiahuanaco by P. Allan. North Africa And Atlantis. Geographical Symbolism And Atlantis by N.Th. Zhirov. Atlantis. Part I by Arthur Louis Joquell II. Pre Columbian Crossings Of The Atlantic by P. Allan. Books.
  • AT #67 1959 May/June Vol. 12 No. 4
    Two Vanished Theories. The Problem Of Atlantis by Professor N. Boneff. The Nazca Figures. The Birth Of The Moon by Professor Michael Kamienski. The Demortier Theory Of The Cosmic Catastrophe by N.Th. Zhirov. Atlantis. Part II by Arthur Louis Joquell II.
  • AT #68 1959 August/September Vol. 12 No. 5
    What Others Think. Some Astronomical Questions of Our Time by J.L. Are Phobos And Deimos Artificial Satellites Of Mars? by N.Th. Zhirov. A Letter On Zimbabwe From Brigadier R.P. Gatehouse. The Topography Of The Atlantis Of Plato by N.Th. Zhirov. The Two Ethiopias by Th. Zhirov. Atlantis. Part 3 by Arthur Louis Joquel II. Pudding Stones. Books.
  • AT #69 1959 October/November Vol. 12 No. 6
    Loch Ness And Other Legendary Monsters. Scientific Atlantology. Its Paths And Problems by N.Th. Zhirov. The Black Stone Idol Of Tiahuanaco by P. Allan. Books.
  • AT #70 1959 December Vol. 13 No. 1
    A Foretaste Of The Future. Russian and Soviet Literature On Atlantis by N.Th. Zhirov. A Proposal To Drill Through To The Moho. The Golden Rule And Our Planetary System by Professor M. Kamienski. Carolina Bays and Atlantis by N. Zhirov. Atlantis And The Poetic Muse. Books.
  • AT #71 1960 February/March Vol. 13 No. 2
    Special Issue. The Loch Ness Monster by Patrick Murray.
  • AT #72 1960 April Vol. 13 No. 3
    Andalucia. Three Early Expeditions To Africa. Atlantis And North Africa by Jean Gattefosse. Atlantis And The Western Tritonis. Erytheia, Tartessos And Atlantis by Dr. N.Th. Zhirov. A Letter From Professor Marcel Homet. News From The USSR by Dr. N.Th. Zhirov. Recent Books.
  • AT #73 1960 June Vol. 13 No. 4
    The Existence Of Lemuria in The Indian Ocean. The Titans And Giants Of Greek Myth. Reported Discovery Of A Transplutonian Planet. The Great Schliemann by L. Young. The Cosmic Ice Theory Of Hoerbiger by Dr. N.Th. Zhirov. Could Ice Meteorites Account For Some Of The Stories Of Flying Saucers? by Dr. N.Th. Zhirov. Books.
  • AT #74 1960 August Vol. 13 No. 5
    Life On Mars. Conditions For The Existence Of Indigenous Thinking Beings On Mars. An Atmosphere Of Heavy Inert Gases As An Essential Condition For This by Dr. N.Th. Zhirov.
  • AT #75 1960 October Vol. 13 No. 6
    Some Early Explorers Of the Atlantic by Egerton Sykes.
  • AT #76 1960 December Vol. 14 No. 1
    The Lack Of Anglo Saxon Interest In Atlantis. Stories Of World Disasters: A Catastrophe Myth From Scandinavia. The Island Of Ka And Its Serpent Ruler. Persian And Indian Myths. Chinese And Japanese Myths. Who Were The Serpent Clan? A Sport For Amateurs. 50-Pound Ice Chunk Plummets To Farm. Where To Seek Atlantis. Topology. Recent Books.
  • AT #77 1961 February Vol. 14 No. 2
    Atlantis And The Ice Age by Rene Malaise.
  • AT #78 1961 April Vol. 14 No. 3
    The Geological History Of Atlantis by Dr. N.Th. Zhirov. Atlantis Notes From Soviet Russia.
  • AT #79 1961 June Vol. 14 No. 4
    Ragnarok—A Nordic Disaster Legend. The Twilight Of The Nordic Gods by Egerton Sykes. A Recent Corroboration Of the World Ice Theory by K.I. Meyer. The Puck Fair Of Killorglin by Violet Deering. The Voyage Of Columbus.
  • AT #80 1961 August Vol. 14 No. 5
    The Cultures Of The Indian And Pacific Oceans. The Mythology Of The Greeks In Relation To The Atlantis Legend by Yuri G. Reshetov. Note On The Article By Dr. N. Odhner And Dr. R. Malaise— “The Last Theory Of The Ice Age”. Is The Tiahuanaco Calendar of Venusian Origin? by Dr. N.Th. Zhirov. The Origin Of The Egyptian Civilisation. Obituaries. Dwarf Elephants In Sicily. The Phoenicians, The Carthaginians And The Americas. New Map Of Pacific. Books.
  • AT #81 1961 October Vol. 14 No. 6
    The Origin Of The Tiahuanaco Calendar. Early Culture Complexes Of The Western Mediterranean. The Carthagenian Museum At Niebla. Is The Tiahuanaco Calendar Of Venusian Origin? by E.H. Nutter. Why We Know So Little Of The Phoenicians And Carthagenians by P. Stux. The Site Of The Columns Of Hercules. Books.
  • AT #82 1962 January Vol. 15 Nos. 1 & 2
    Three Atlantean News Items. A Critical Analysis Of The Material Culture Of Plato’s Atlantis by N.Th. Zhirov. An Indisputable Demonstration Of The Great Subsidence Of The Mid-Atlantic Ridge by N.Th. Zhirov. Atlantis And Rhesus Negative Blood Groups. Cuba And Atlantis by Feo Garcia Jucres. Books.
  • AT 83a 1962 The Saga Of Atlantis. An Opera In Three Acts.
    The Saga Of Atlantis. An Opera In Three Acts by P.G. Creighton.
  • AT 83b 1962 June Vol. 15 No. 4
    The Great Migrations. Possible Old World Origin Of Certain Petroglyphs In North America. Ancient Chinese Seals Found In Ireland by Violet Deering. The Phoenicians And The Manatich. Bull Feasts In Spain. A Soviet Attack On The Moho. Books And Music.
  • AT #84 1962 December Vol. 15 Nos. 5 & 6
    Progress Report. Life On Other Planets. The Dating Of Tiahuanaco by P. Allan. Corrections From Prof. Kamienski & Dr. Mertz. Hoerbiger Emerges Again In Vienna. Books.
  • AT #85 1963 February Vol. 16 No. 1
    Western European Revival. A Chance For The Younger Generations. Atlantis, Kingdom Of The Giants. The Fortunate Isles. Summary Of A Letter From Kamilla Abaturova. The Atlantis Problem As Viewed In France by N.Th. Zhirov. Ceremonial Bull-Feasts And Bull-Fights In Ancient Ireland by Violet Deering. Visit Of Professor Marcel Homet. Two Centuries Of Books On Atlantis. The Oera Linda Boek. Ancient African Art. International Congress On Gravitation.
  • AT #86 1963 April Vol. 16 No. 2
    Bridging The Gap. The Arabian Nights. A New Italian Journal. The Atlantean Profile. Hoerbiger In Retrospect. More on The Fortunate Isles. The Norse Gods And The Signs Of The Zodiac. The Lunar Capture Theory Of Hoerbiger.
  • AT #87 1963 June Vol. 16 No. 3
    Profiting By Disaster. A New Edition Of Donnelly. The Piri Reis Map. The Wheel Turns Full Circle. Who Were The Telchines? Continental Drift And The Hoerbiger Theory by E.H. Nutter. Correction From Professor M. Kamienski. Special Atlantis Issue Of The Musee Vivant. Books. Mr. L. Taylor Hansen And Red Indian Astronomy.
  • AT #88 1963 July Vol. 16 No. 4
    Pandora’s Box. Comet Halley At The Time Of The Submersion Of Atlantis by Professor M. Kamienski. The Constriction Of The Ocean Bottoms. Atlantis In Andalucia. The Moon Capture Theory In Sweden. Soviet Scientists Support An Atlantis Theory. Caribbean Traces Of Atlantis. The Temple Of The Transparent Walls. The Lost Histories Of America by W.S. Blackett. Books. Homage To Dr. Margaret Murray. The Santorini Eruption of BC 1400.
  • AT #89 1963 October Vol. 16 No. 5
    Mediterranean Diffusion. Fishy Clue To Atlantis. The Wyrley Stones by C. Crosland Symms. Science And Atlantis. Dr. Zhirov Comments On “The Fortunate Isles”. Gods With Golden Hair. A Sphinx In Northern Sweden. Echoes Of The Zodiacal Epochs In The Life Of Mankind by Professor M. Kamienski. Comments And Notes From Alf Bajocco Of Genoa. Books. A New Slant On The Tiahuanaco Culture.
  • AT #90 1963 December Vol. 16 No. 6
    Atlantic And Pacific Cultural Origins. The Artificer Tradition In Ancient Times. Saint Mildred And Her Hair. Ice Meteorite Falls Near Moscow by Dr. N. Th. Zhirov. Atlantis And The Skin Diver. Phoenicians And/Or Egyptians In Russia. The ‘Atlantida’ Of Verdegauer. A Forthcoming Book On Atlantis By Dr. Zhirov. More Books.
  • AT #91 1964 February Vol. 17 No. 1
    Closing In The Historical Gap. The Impact Of The Thalassae On The Levant. The Hoerbiger Theory And The Solar System by F.C. Wykes. Brugh Na Boinne by Violet Deering. The Anchoring Of The Previous Moon, The Syrian Depression, And The Jordan Miracle by Georg Hinzpeter.
  • AT #92 1964 April Vol. 17 No. 2 & 3
    Unravelling The Past. The Hoerbiger Theory and The Rings Of Saturn by M. Jarman. Three Phases Of Culture. The Expanding Earth And Atlantis by F.C. Wykes. Hinzpeter’s Ideas On The Garden Of Eden. The Tassili Petroglyphs. How The Heptagram—The Seven Pointed Star–Links The Days Of The Week To The Names Of The Planets by Professor M. Kamienski. The Abominable Snowman Again. The Fabled City Of Iram. Obituaries.
  • AT #93 1964 June Vol. 17 No. 4
    Drawing From The Same Well. The Northward Trek Of The Thalassae. The Tiahuanaco Culture And Its Contemporaries. J.W. Keely And His Theories. Some Queries About The Pacific Civilisations. “The Fall Of Atlantis”. Seventh Century Map Of The World. The Great Exploratory Periods In The Atlantic. Russian And South African Loch Ness Monsters. Leptons, A Medium For Energy Transmission by H.C. Dudley. The Culture Of Minoan Crete. Soviet Evidence On Atlantis.
  • AT #94 1964 August Vol. 17 No. 5
    Atlantis Conference 1964. Hoerbiger And Darwin’s Principle by Graham T. Kingsley. Astronomy And Archaeological Dating I. A General Survey by M. Jarman. The Epic Of One Of The Earliest Atlantic Explorations. Divergent Opinions. The Fall Of Atlantis. Lecture Notice. Books.
  • AT #95 1964 October Vol. 17 No. 6
    The PreColumbian Merchant Adventurers. The Homeric TransAtlantic Voyages. Pacific Explorers To The Americas. Atlantis—The Situation as We Now See It. Could Moses Have Been The Father Of Akhenaten? Atlantological News From The USSR by Dr. N.Th. Zhirov. Atlantology In Russia. Phoenician Writing In Russia. The Keely Mystery.
  • AT #96 1964 December Vol. 18 No. 1
    Rendel Harris And The Problem Of Diffusion. New And Forthcoming Publications From Markham House.
  • AT #97 1965 February Vol. 18 No. 2
    The Canary Islands. The Early Inhabitants Of The Canary Islands by Alf Bajocco.
  • AT #98 1965 May Vol. 18 No. 3
    Facing Up To The Facts. Traces Of Atlantis In Peru by Karola Siebert. Atlantis In South America. Celtic Culture Contacts With Ancient Egypt by M. Jarman. Book Review. More On The City Of Brass.
  • AT #99 1965 August Vol. 18 No. 4 (Includes the “News Bulletin Of The Australian Atlantic Research Center No. 1 July 1965)
    Visit to The United States. The Minor Planets by F.C. Wykes. A Possible Solution To The Tungus Meteorite Mystery. Baba Yuga The Russian Witch, A Possible Visitant From Outer Space. The Hypothesis Of Yu. W. Roscicus by Dr. N.Th. Zhirov. Moses And Akhnaton. Some Atlantis Datings. Reviews—Publications.
  • AT #100 1965 November Vol. 18 No. 5
    Egerton Sykes In America—And Some Other News Items. Concerning Batteries From Bagdad. Elimination Of Partially-Fatal Genes by Graham T. Kingsley. New Light At Stonehenge by L.M. Young. The Saucerian Cult. A Warning To Other Heterodox Scientific Groups by Don Reupacks. Divining Metals: An Industrial Trial. Obituary: Dr. Laszlo Stux.
  • AT #101 1965/1966 December/January Vol. 18 No. 6
    Target For 1966. Visit To The United States. Moon Fragments In The Argentine And Chili. A Letter To The Press On The Meteorite. The Campo Del Cielo In Argentina by Georg Hinzpeter. Hollow Earth Theories. Writers On Hollow Earth Theories. The Problem Of The Quark. Lunar Capture Theory In Canada And In Peru. Two Myths Of The Greek Island.
  • AT #102 1966 February/March Vol. 19 No. 1
    Etruscan Voyages To The Americas. Pre Columbian Research In North America. The Roots Of Irish Civilisation. The Probability Of An Etruscan Voyage To South America by Alf Bajocco. The Etruscan Theory Of Dr. Mario Gattoni Celli. An Etruscan Rosetta Stone. “Were There Artificers Amongst The Ancient Irish?” by Violet Deering. Books.
  • AT #103 1966 March Vol. 19 No. 2
    A Quadruple Event. A Fascinating New Theory From America. A Letter From Georg Hinzpeter. Georg Hinzpeter And The Old Testament. Material That Fell To Earth From The Moon. Two Underwater Monster Hunts In The British Isles. The Hardy Hypothesis. When Moses Was Born by Professor M. Kamienski. Estonia’s Meteoric Craters. The Firbolgs, The Formors And The Tuatha De Danaan. Books.
  • AT #104 1966 May/June Vol. 19 No. 3
    Two Important Discoveries In Atlantology. Travels By Etruscans And Pelasgians To America by Mario Gattoni Celli. Nicolas Of Lynne—An English Pre Columbian Voyager. Atlantis In France. Donnelly’s Ragnarok. Our Share Of The Universe. High Angular Acceleration Simulator. New Developments In Magnetism. Tape Recordings. Atlantis: A Prelude To A Restatement Of The Question by Egerton Sykes.
  • AT #105 1966 July/August Vol. 19 No. 4
    Russian Interest In Pre Columbian Crossings. The Caribbean. Professor Galanopoulos, The Exodus And Atlantis. Books.
  • AT #106 1966 September/October Vol. 19 No. 5
    Visit To The United States. The Sine Wave Of Progress. Early Science by A.P. Tomas. The Flood And Its Background by G. Hinzpeter. Reflections On Stonehenge by E. Sykes and C.A. Burland. The Moon Capture Theory Of Hoerbiger After Fifty Five Years—An Appreciation by L. Young. Obituaries: Professor Dmitry Panov, Professor Wladimir Bogachev. Contributed by Dr. N.Th. Zhirov.
  • AT #107 1966 November/December Vol. 19 No. 6
    Lecture To the Explorers Club Of New York. Phaeton—The Asteroid Planet. The Writings Of Manetho. The Star Of Bethlehem. Triton—The Moon Of Neptune. The Sphinx And Its Origin by G. Hinzpeter. The Clockwise Diffusionists: An Appreciation by Leslie Young. Books. Visit To Stonehenge And Avebury.
  • AT #108 1967 January/February Vol. 20 No. 1
    Renewed Interest In Atlantis. The “Craters” On Mars by Georg Hinzpeter. A Letter From L.C. Suggars. The Lost Histories Of Thoth. Dating The Atlantis Catastrophe by Dr. Rene Malaise. The Comet Of The Biblical Deluge by Prof. M. Kamienski. Books. Historical Records Of The Landings Of Alien Space Ships. Atlantis—The Meteor Impact Theory. Excursion To Stonehenge And Avebury.
  • AT #109 1967 March/April Vol. 20 No. 2
    Bringing Atlantis Into The Picture Again. The Background Of The Atlantis Disaster. The Duplication Of The Name Phaeton. Phaeton Was Not A Planet by Prof. M. Kamienski. Recently Discovered Egyptian And Atlantean Remains In Peru.
  • AT #110 1967 May/June Vol. 20 No. 3
    A Renewed Contact. The Immediate Consequences Of The Atlantis Disaster. Stonehenge, Avebury And The Druids by Henri Bac. Haiti—An Archaeological Mystery by James Lockwood. The Stonehenge And Avebury Excursion. Slatababa—The Golden Woman—And Juno Moneta. Books.
  • AT #111 1967 July/August Vol. 20 No. 4
    An Archaeological Mystery. France And The North African Atlantis. The Comet Of The Biblical Deluge by Professor Kamienski. Thorir The Dog And Slatababa. Modifications Caused By Pre Lunar Anchorages by Georg Hinzpeter. A Plethora Of Causes. Tentative List Of Terrestrial Moons. Evidences Of The Existence Of An Atlantean Culture.
  • AT #112 1967 September/October Vol. 20 No. 5
    The Azores. The Marcahuasi Mystery. A High Level Culture Traced Through Megalithic Remains. The Work Of Daniel Ruzo by Luis Felipe Angell. Some Neglected Writing On Lemuria. Galaxies In Collision. An Early Culture On The Susquehanna River. Books.
  • AT #113 1967 November/December Vol. 20 No. 6
    The Star Of Bethlehem. Australasia And The Pacific Cultures. Stella Magnorum—The Star Of Bethlehem by Professor M. Kamienski. The Sahara Inland Sea. The Megalith Builders. The Cameron Primary Water Theory In Russia. Magnetic Stimulation Of Seeds. Radiation Trapped In The Earth’s Magnetic Field by D. Reidel. The Cancer Front. Noah’s Ark And The Soviets. Colour Television.
  • AT #114 1968 January/February Vol. 21 No. 1
    Lemuria Reconsidered by Egerton Sykes. Georg Hinzpeter Obituary. Background To Conquest—Precursors Of Columbus. The Cameron Theory Of Primary Water Supplies.
  • AT #115 1968 March/April Vol. 21 No. 2
    Atlantis In Peru by Karola Siebert. A Personal Message From The Editor. Georg Hinzpeter. Background To Conquest—Precursors Of Columbus. The Cameron Theory On Primary Water Supplies.
  • AT #116 1968 May/June Vol. 21 No. 3
    These Pre Columbian Crossings. A Keely Revival. The Irish Epic Sea Captains by Egerton Sykes. Keely Once Again. An Outline Of Keely’s Discoveries by S.A. Hunt. John Dee And The Art Of Navigation. Panachaea—Lemuria. Books.
  • AT #117 1968 July/August Vol. 21 No. 4
    Mrs. E.M. Whishaw And Niebla. Transpacific Migrations And The Pre Inca Cultures. Secret Chamber In The Great Pyramid. Votan The Third, The Snake Priest. Space Exploration. Books: Atomo E Universo, Lemuria Reconsidered, The Jacques Romano Story.
  • AT #118 1968 September/October Vol. 21 No. 5
    En Atlantide. The Secrets Of The Giza Pyramid Complex. Velikovsky Again. Atlantis In The Bahamas.
  • AT #119 1968 November/December Vol. 21 No. 6
    What Is The Answer? The American Civilisations. Australian Petroglyphs Of Middle Eastern Origin. Egypt And Atlantis. Meteorites, Hoerbiger And Atlantis. Odd Theory About Tunguskaya. Transmutation Of A Goddess. Moire Patterns. The Latvian Crater Problem. Gravitation In Western Europe. News On The Cameron Book.
  • AT #120 1969 January/February Vol. 22 No. 1
    Auras And The Like. Background To Space Drives. Our Historic Past. Herbs Used In An Operation. Fitting Atlantis In. The ATEIG Of Versailles. Spring Symposium. The Bahamas Temple. Oevre De La Cite Celtique. Keely In France. Moire Patterns And Laser Beams. The Rings Of Saturn. The NEARA Newsletter. The Cameron Book. The Telsa Society. Changes Of Address.
  • AT #121 1969 March/April Vol. 22 No. 2
    The Site Of Atlantis. Note To American Readers. Reversals Of The Terrestrial Magnetic Field. What Paul Le Cour Said About The Corvo Equestrian Statue In 1935. Flying Saucers. Gravity And Anti Gravity Fields. A New Deal In Geology. Continental Drift And Atlantis. The Egyptian Pyramids. Tunguskaya Caused By Comet? Atlantis And The Caribbean. Churchward’s Mu Today. Books.
  • AT #122 1969 May/June Vol. 22 No. 3
    Special Issue. Nicolas Of Lynn: The Explorer Of The Arctic 1330 To 1390 With Four Maps by Egerton Sykes.
  • AT #123 1969 August Vol. 22 No. 4
    Man In Space Issue. Man On The Moon. The Lunar Landing–What I Said In 1950. Fauth, Hoerbiger And The Moon Landing. Rebirth In Vienna. Lunar Gravitational Perturbations by L.M. Young. Where Do We Go From Here? Selene And Her Predecessors. Man On Mars. Voyage To Atlantis by James Mavor. Gravitation, Magnetism, And Natural Forces. Odd Happenings In The Pyramid Of Chephern. Were There Giants In Those Days? by Professor M. Kamienski. The Marine Archaeology Research Society, Inc. Books Available.
  • AT #124 1969 September/October Vol. 22 No. 5
    The Battle For Atlantis. Exploration Plan For Florida And Vicinity. The Mariners Compass And The Mystery Religions. Dr. Reiffenstein And “The Moon Capture Theory Of Hoerbiger”. Underwater Structures Off North Bimini And Andros Islands. Ragnarok-The Time Of The Disaster. Obituaries: Alexandra David-Neel, violet Deering, Major Christian Galloway, Brigadier Gatehouse, Squadron Leader Eugene De Virpsha. Apache Tears And The Barringer Crater. The Research Centre Group.
  • AT #125 1969 December Vol. 22 No. 6
    What The Future Holds. Congratulations To Professor Michael Kamienski. The Site Of Plato’s Atlantis by N.Th. Zhirov. Phoenician Explorers In America. Comment From Claude Hardy On Atlantis Defence. Levitation. A New Basis For Numerical Calculations. Exploration Sites From Cape Charles To Maine. The Dogu Of Japan And The First Mikado by M. Kamienski. Books: The Greatest Discovery Of All Times by Dr. J. Samuels; Astrometeo No. 54; A New Deal In Geology by Dr. Rene Malaise; The View From Atlantis by John Mitchell; Cornelius Agrippa.
  • AT #126 1970 January/February Vol. 23 No. 1
    Rendel Harris And Egyptian Diffusion. The Diffusion Of Egyptian Culture. An Introduction To The Work Of Dr. Rendel Harris by Dr. P.L. Collignon. Diffusionist Literature Available.
  • AT #127 1970 March/April Vol. 23 No. 2
    Backwards In Time. The Indus Civilisation by L.M. Young. Decipherment Of The Indus Script. Flying Machines 1000 BC. Atlantis On The Rise. The Telchines And Their Friends. Recent Developments At Bimini. DMSO And Cancer. British Astronomical Association. Books. Atlantis Lecture In London. Rockets And Rocketry.
  • AT #128 1970 May/June Vol. 23 No. 3
    Plutarch And The Early Travellers To The New World by Verplanck Colvin. With Introduction by Egerton Sykes.
  • AT #129 1970 July/August Vol. 23 No. 4
    Lost Treasures by L.M. Young. Scandinavian Miscellany. The Religion And Mythology Of The North. The Henbury Crater. Rich Archaeological Find Near Colchis. Geber The Arab Alchemist. The Pyramids Of Rock Lake. The Egyptians In Australia. Professor N. Boneff. Books: Atlantis, Past And Present; The Wine Dark Sea by Dr. H. Mertz; A New Deal In Geology, Geography, & The Related Sciences by Rene Malaise.
  • AT #130 1970 September/October Vol. 23 No. 5
    The Search Goes On. Vincent Cassidy On Pre-Columbian Contacts. The New Edition Of Atlantis by Donnelly And Sykes. The Mystery Of The Mammoth. Book Review: Chinese Mythology by Anthony Christie.
  • AT #131 1970 November/December Vol. 23 No. 6
    The First Year. The Tower Of Babel In Myth & History by L.M. Young.
  • AT #132 1971 January/March Vol. 24 Nos. 1 & 2
    Fallen Idols. A Prehistoric Find In Australia. Seismic Data From The Moon by L.M. Young. The Crystal Skull. Congratulations To Professor Kamienski. The Late E.E. Buttner. The Late Dr. N.Th. Zhirov. Lunar Notation In The Upper Paleolithic. Awards For Essays On Gravitation. Books And Films: Hidden Haloes Of Stonehenge by D.L. Cyr; Chariots Of The Gods by E. Von Daniken; The End Of Atlantis by J.V. Luce. Letter From G. Hardy.
  • AT #133 1971 April/July Vol. 24 Nos. 3 & 4
    Meteor Strikes And The Hoerbiger Theory by Egerton Sykes. Introduction. Meteor Strike Zones: 1. Europe 2. The Canadian Shield 3. The California Coast 4. The Caribbean 5. The Argentine And Antarctica 6. South Africa 7. West Africa 8. Abyssinia And Arabia 9. The Far East 10. Australia. The Mythic Background. The Catastrophe Theorists.
  • AT #134 1971 August/September Vol. 24 No. 5
    See Thro’ A Glass Darkly. Prehistoric Astronomers by L.M. Young. The Kimberly Rock Paintings by L.M. Young. The Ancient Mapmakers. Evidence Of Civilization Prior To The Ice Age by L. Young. The Late N.Th. Zhirov & Atlantis. Museums And Their Future. Books: Near Eastern Mythology by John Gray.
  • AT #135 1971 November/December Vol. 24 No. 6
    Special Extraterrestrial Number. Survival. Contacts With Cosmic Civilisations by V.K. Zaytsev, N.Th. Zhirov, and E. Cordasco. Descent To The Underworld, Ascent To Heaven. Conceptions Of The Afterlife In the Ancient Near East by L.M. Young. Cometary Impact In Hudson Bay. News Of Max Freedom Long, Verne Cameron & Dr. J. Samuels. Negative Matter. Martian Prelude. Neptune’s Moons And The Hoerbiger Theory. The Dogu Of Japan by Professor Kamienski. Gravitation. Books: We Are Not The First by Andrew Tomas; Extraterrestrial Landings by Egerton Sykes.
  • AT #136 1972 January/February Vol. 25 No. 1
    Dynastic Kinship. A Voice From The Past. The Canopy Theory Of Isaac Newton Vail & Hoerbiger. Mars Dust Clears. The Atlantis Of Plato. A Russian Viewpoint. The Mammoth. Underwater City. Black Virgins In France. Books: City Of Revelation by J. Michell; Continental Drift by D.H. & M.P. Tarling.
  • AT #137 1972 March/April Vol. 25 No. 2
    Cosmic Events Issue. Cosmic Disasters And The Hoerbiger Institute. The Lunar Tellurian Basis Of Primordial Creation by Georg Hinzpeter. Discovery Of A New Planet. Recent Data On Cosmic Disasters. Book Review: An Alternative To Continental Drift by Dr. Rene Malaise. A World Map Of The 6th Century BC.
  • AT #138 1972 May/June Vol. 25 No. 3
    Repositories Of Knowledge. The Agriculture Revolution. When And Where? by L.M. Young. Cosmic Disaster Conference. A Letter From Donnelly. Parapsychology—A New Synthesis. A Review Article. A New Planet. Books: The Santorini Volcano And The Destruction Of Minoan Crete by D.L. Page; Land Bridges Or Continental Drift by Rene Malaise; The Quest For America by Geoffrey Ashe, Thor Heyerdahl, Helge Ingstad And J.V. Luce; Stonehenge by Leon Stover And Harry Harrison.
  • AT #139 1972 July/August Vol. 25 No. 4
    Art, Sign And Script. Prehistoric Parapsychology by L. Young. New Light On Hoerbiger by L. Young. The Ice Ages: Their Nature And Significance by L. Young. Paleo Magnetism And Stellar Orbits by P.C. Creighton. Books: Legends Of The South Seas by Anthony Alpers; Atlantis: From Legend To Discovery by Andrew Tomas; The Final Collapse Of Santorini (Thera) by Leon Pomerance. Audio Visual Lecture Service.
  • AT #140 1972 October Vol. 25 Nos. 5 & 6
    Antinea—Search For A Love Queen. A Tale Of Two Cities by Egerton Sykes.
  • AT #141 1973 January Vol. 26 No. 1
    The Keely Mystery by Egerton Sykes.
  • AT #142 1973 March/April Vol. 26 No. 2
    The Cadiz Congress Of 1973. A Challenge For Civilization. A Prehistoric Temple In Glasgow. Are Saturn Spots Hurricanes? by Francis Glenn Graham Books: Atlantyda by Ludwik Zajdler; The Yeti by Odette Tchernine; L’Isle Des Veilleurs by Alfred Weysen; L’Histoire Commence A Bimini by Pierre Carnac. Neith Who Is Also Tanith. The Sack Of Aleysia The Druid Capital. Where are The Megalith Builders Also The Thalassic Races?
  • AT #143 1973 May Vol. 26 No. 3
    Twenty Five Years Of Atlantis. Message From The Stars. The Orange Moon. Maxine Asher In Brighton. Chinese Urbanisation. The Rise Of Civilisation In Ancient China by L. Young. The Dodman Of Wilmington. A New Giant Zodiac. Books: Charles Lyell: The Years To 1841. The Revolution In Geology by Leonard G. Wilson; Mammoths, Mastadons, And Man by Robert Silverburg.
  • AT #144 1973 July/August Vol. 26 No. 4
    The Classical Era And America. Two Mysteries Unravelled by Egerton Sykes. Obituary: Professor Michael Kamienski.
  • AT #145 1973 September/October Vol. 26 No. 5
    Presenting A Coherent Picture. Cadiz—Bimini/Andros—North Sea Cultures. Measurements For Man by A.F. Whillock. Kohoutek’s Comet And A Biblical Forerunner. Another Angle Of Attack. When The Sun Disappeared by M.J.O. Green. Appendix 1: The Sibylline Oracle. Appendix 2: The Samson And Delilah Story. Appendix 3: Egyptian References. Appendix 4: South Pacific References. The Story Of Maui. Book Review: The God Kings And The Titans by James Baily.
  • AT #146 1973 December Vol. 26 No. 6
    The Cosmos Reconsidered. Comets And The Solar System. 1. Argument 2. Comet Kohoutek. Plan Of Kohoutek’s Passage. 3. Professor Michael Kamienski. Planets And Their Families. Table. 4. Comet Halley. 5. Source Literature On Comets. 6. Pluto And The Transplutonian Planets. Book Reviews: Mysteries From Forgotten Worlds by C. Berlitz. The Land Of Punt.
  • AT #147 1974 January/February Vol. 27 No. 1
    Vulcan. The Tunguskaya Meteorite. Paul Schliemann And The Temple With Translucent Walls. Primitive Astronomers by L. Young. Hindu Astronomy. Book Reviews: Comets, Meteorites And Man by P.L. Brown; Two Books From Rene Malaise. Peter Allan Obituary. Recent Publications And Tapes.
  • AT #148 1974 March/April Vol. 27 No. 2
    A Major Break Through In Atlantis Research. Hindu Astronomy And Calendrical Periods. Ancient Hindu Astronomy by Robert A. Bradley. Book Review: Egypt The Eternal by Robert T. Russel; Egypt In Peru by Karola Siebert (Second Edition); The Vortella Project by Egerton Sykes (Second Edition); Vortella Photographs. A Second Series; Lady Godiva, Priestess Of Epona And Gog Magog; The Keely Mystery.
  • AT #149 1974 May/June Vol. 27 No. 3
    Atlantis. A New Concept. Part 1. Falias, Gorias And Finias by Egerton Sykes.
  • AT #150 1974 July/August Vol. 27 No. 4
    Bimini—Historical Sequence. Bimini—The Temple Of Murias. city Of The West. Capital Of Phaeacea. Appendix 1: Paul Schliemann. Appendix 2: List Of Tuatha And Other Transatlantic Travellers. Appendix 3: Other Early Transatlantic Voyagers. Lewis Edwards And The Pumpsaint Zodiac. Irene Conybeare Obituary. Joseph Corey Ayoob Obituary. Recent Publications.
  • AT #151 1974 December Vol. 27 Nos. 5 & 6
    The Wonder Cities Of the Past. Kerid, Epona And Kernunnos 1. Kerid 2. Epona And Lady Godiva 3. Kernunnos And Herne The Hunter.
  • AT #152 1975 January Vol. 28 No. 1
    The Clockwise Diffusionists by Egerton Sykes. Second, Completely Revised Edition. 1. Foreword 2. The Clockwise Diffusionists 3. The Mott Saga 4. The Artificer Clans 5. Source Index 6. List Of Works By Egerton Sykes.
  • AT #153 1975 March Vol. 28 No. 2
    The Ancient Mysteries. The Importance Of Medea. How Serpent Worship Came To Britain. Serpent Priestesses In Britain. Serpent Priestesses Elsewhere. Zodiacs. Dragon Temples. Map Of Northern Britain. Map Of Southern Britain. Events Between BC 3000 And BC 2500. An Oxfordshire Zodiac by J. Michael & Ann Taylor. Book Reviews: Atlantean Traditions In Britain by A. Roberts; Les Conquerants Du Pacific by Pierre Carnac. The Oera Linda Boek.
  • AT #154 1975 June Vol. 28 No. 3
    The Bermuda Mystery. Foreword. A. Cause B. Interregnum C. Disaster In BC 3000. Map. D. Before Columbus E. Recent History F. Explanation G. Proposed Research. Appendix: The 1945 Air Disaster. Source Literature.
  • AT #155 1975 August Vol. 28 No. 4
    Bimini—Murias. The Passing Of Kapteyn’s Star by E.O. Winans. Space Travel Around The Corner. Serpent Worship—The Oldest Religion. Map. Books: Mystery Hill by R. Stone. Mysteries From Forgotten Worlds by C. Berlitz. Alien Races And Fantastic Civilisations by Serge Hutin. Symposium On August 9th At Brighton.
  • AT #156 1975 September Vol. 28 No. 5
    The Evolution Of A Pattern. The Return Of Medea And The Argo. Medea In Ireland. Appendix 1. The Tuirenn Saga. Appendix 2. Contemporary Events. Celts In America At Mystery Hill In BC 800. Man Into Space—The Natural Obstacles. The Megalithic Culture. Death Of Dr. Jules Samuel’s. The Magnetic Compass And Its Predecessors.
  • AT #157 1975 November Vol. 28 No. 6
    What Of The Future. Baetulae And Ley Mark Stones. The Pre Homeric Merchant Adventurers. Velikovsky & Venus. Regalia Of Ritual & Ceremony. List Of Rendel Harris Publications. Air View Of Glastonbury For Sale.
  • AT #158 1976 January Vol. 29 No. 1
    The Books Of Thoth And The Siriadic Columns. A. From Sahluk And Surid To Thoth B. From Thoth To Agarthadaemon 1. Baalbek 2. Zenzura 3. Santa Maria 4. Tennessee C. From Agarthadaemon To Menes a. Naassenes b. Orphites c. Sabians d. Sethians. Appendices: 1. Chronological Table Of Dynasties 2. People And Sources Involved 3. Places Connected With Books Of Thoth And Siriadic Columns. Book Review: Destiny Mars by M.W. Saunders. List Of Publications.
  • AT #159 1976 March Vol. 29 No. 2
    The French Atlantis Organisation. Gibraltar, Tangier And The Pillars Of Hercules. Vela X And Early History. Basques In America In BC 700. How The Nazca Desert Drawings Were Made. Michigan, Ohio And The St. Lawrence River, Prehistoric Artifacts. Copy Of A Letter from Lewis Edwards Dated 9th Nov. 1950. Note On The Kilpeck Area Of Herefordshire. Books And Publications: Catastrophist Geology—A Quarterly From Rio. Editor Han Kloosterman; The Hoerbiger Theory; The Sirius Mystery by Robert K.G. Temple; Mermet-Principles And Practice Of Radiesthesia. Breidablikk And Kirunvaara. Dr. Wilhelm Reich And The Orgone Problem. The Works Of Rendel Harris. The Planet Venus.
  • AT #160 1976 Summer Vol. 29 No. 3
    Hoerbiger And The March Of Science. 1. Foreword 2. The Solar System 3. Our Own Deep Space 4. The Vortex Theory 5. Mankind And The Future 6. Geological Ages, Moons, Meteor Strikes 7. Reading Matter Available.
  • AT #161 1976 September Vol. 29 No. 4
    Introduction. The Intruder. Part One by Michael Green. Comet Chronology, AD 200-1882 by D.J. Schove. A Note On Halley’s Comet. Book: Destiny Mars by M. Saunders.
  • AT #162 1976 December Vol. 29 Nos. 5 & 6
    The Intruder. Part Two by Michael Green.

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