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New World Antiquity (NWA) Journals

New World Antiquity was an international bulletin of information for the use of all interested in the archaeology and ethnology of the New World. It was not sponsored by any institution or government, and was financed solely through its readers’ subscriptions. The Editor desired that the bulletin keep strictly to factual accounts of current research and publications. It was hoped that the bulletin would be used widely for the exchange of information between researchers and lead to wider co-operation between individuals and institutions interested in Americanist research throughout the world.


* NWA #1 (1954) through NWA #181 (1976) & NWA AMALGAMATED WITH AT #182 (1977) through #199 (1979)

*NOTE: LOST AT SEA means that Frances Walker, Egerton Sykes’ Literary Executor does not have a copy.

  • NWA #1 1954 Vol. 1 No. 1
    Editorial. A Modified Interpretation Of The “Giant Glyph” Altars At Caracol, British Honduras by Linton Satterthwaite. New Carbon Datings In America by D. Justin Schove. The Publications In Americanistics From The Lateinamerikanische Bibliothek, Berlin by Gerdt Kutscher. Book Reviews. Query Page. Notes And News.
  • NWA #2 1954 Vol. 1 No. 2
    Editorial. Some Notes On Ancient Mexican Stellar Beliefs by C.A. Burland. Ancient American Manuscripts by Jens Yde. Book Reviews. A Forthcoming Publication. Notes And News. Readers’ Queries. International Congress Of Americanists. International Folklore Congress. Pre-Columbian Art Collection.
  • NWA #3 1954 Vol. 1 No. 3
    Editorial. The Birth Of Universalism by Commander Richard E. Lambert. An Interesting Document Of North American Indian Origin. Question Page. Book Reviews. Notes And News.
  • NWA #4 1954 Vol. 1 No. 4
    Editorial. Lectures And Publications: London, USA, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Chile. Query Page. In Memoriam: Pater Wilhelm Schmidt. Letter To The Editor.
  • NWA #5 1954 Vol. 1 No. 5
    Editorial. Some Siouan And Uralian Numerals: A Comparison by K.B. Jamieson. A Wood-Carvers Tradition From The Maroons Of Jamaica by N. Roy Atkins. Book Reviews. The Lords Of The Night by C.A. Burland. News And Views And News. Question Page.
  • NWA #6 1954 Vol. 1 No. 6
    Editorial. Antiquity Of America by Cdr. Richard E. Lambert. Bibliographic Note On The Tarascans. Tlatilco And Cultural Drift. Mexico City College’s First Season At Yogul. A Possibility Of Helping Our Friends. The Maroon Tradition by Namba Roy. Book Notes. Question Page. Obituary: Professor E. Hooten.
  • NWA #7 1954 Vol. 1 No. 7
    Editorial. Historic Landmark Discovered And Dedicated by Commander R.E. Lambert. Revista Colombiana De Antropologia Vol. II No. 2, 1954. Educational Books By An Anthropologist. A Reply. Reviews. News. Concerning The Scale Of Inca Music by W.H. Yeomans. A Letter.
  • NWA #8 1954 Vol. 1 No. 8
    Editorial. More Evidence For Interglacial Man In America by George F. Carter. A Book Of Interest: Paraguay. A Riverside Nation by George Pendle. Ollantay. A Broadcast by C.A. Burland. The Instituto Interamericano—Its Aims And Purposes. Notes And News. Salutations To Our Elder Brother. Question Page. The Tucuman Bulletin by Beryl De Zoete. Books Published In Britain And Western Europe.
  • NWA #9 1954 Vol. 1 No. 9
    Editorial. Some Problems Of Middle American Research by F.A. Mitchell Hedges. The Antiquity Of Man In America. A Further Discussion by George F. Carter. Primitive Heritage. A Further Discussion by C.A. Burland. Catlin In London Again. Book Reviews. Notes And News. Query Page.
  • NWA #10 1954 Vol. 1 No. 10
    Editorial. Americanist Studies In Vienna by Prof. Dr. Josef Haekel. Dave Kelley On Ancient Stellar Beliefs. A Continuation. The Atelco Frescoes by C.A. Burland. Primitive Heritage by K.B. Jamieson. Enquiries. Books. Notes And News.
  • NWA #11 1954 Vol. 1 No. 11
    Editorial. Wood Sculpture From The Eastern Woodlands by E.K. Burnett. A Report From The Instituto Interamericano, Denton, Texas. More On Interglacial Man by George F. Carter. Blue-Eyed Indians by F.A. Mitchell-Hedges. Book Reviews. Notes And News. The Rendel Harris Essays.
  • NWA #12a) 1954 Vol. 1 No. 12
    Editorial. A Universal Symbol by K.B. Jamieson. La Ultima Temporada De Exploraciones Arqueologicas En Palenque. Dario De Yucatan. Report Of The Instituto Interamericano. A Reply To A Query.
  • NWA #12b) 1955 Vol. 2 No. 1
    Editorial. A Universal Symbol. Part II by K.B. Jamieson. Early Man In America by George F. Carter. Early Wood Sculpture From The Eastern Indians by Charles E. Gillette And Ernest S. Dodge. Piltdown Man. An Extract From A Book By Ruth Moore. Midland Man, Indeed! ‘He’ Proves To Be A ‘She’. In Memoriam: Professor A.M. Tozzer. Book Reviews. Dr. Jaap Kunst Broadcasts.
  • NWA #12c) 1955 Vol. 2 No. 2
    Editorial. A Universal Symbol. Part III. Conclusion by K.B. Jamieson. Book Reviews. Ethno-Musicology.
  • NWA #12d) 1955 Vol. 2 No. 3
    Editorial. Note On The Nahuatl Word XIMMILLI, “Tierra De Temporal” by W.H. Fellowes. The Bibliography Of Ethnological Music. Book Reviews. Piltdown. Notes And News.
  • NWA #12e) 1955 Vol. 2 No. 4
    Editorial. How Old Is New Jersey And How Formed? by Commander R.E. Lambert. Extracts From The Interamerican. Lacandon Area Expedition. Book Reviews. Correspondence. Notes And News.
  • NWA #12f) 1955 Vol. 2 No. 5
    Editorial. The Ross County Historical Society Inc. The Role Of Goddesses In Ancient Mexican Belief by C.A. Burland. Notes And News From America. Ethno-Musicology Notes. Book Reviews. Notes And News.
  • NWA #12g) 1955 Vol. 2 No. 6
    Editorial. A Universal Symbol—Mr. Jamieson Replies To His Critics. Book Reviews. Ethno Musicology. Notes And News.
  • NWA #13 1955 Vol. 2 No. 7
    A New Approach. Biforms Of The Americas. Part I by K.B. Jamieson. A Letter From George F. Carter. News From Europe And America. Book Reviews.
  • NWA #14 1955 Vol. 2 No. 8
    London And Its American Collections. Biforms Of the Americas. Part II by K.B. Jamieson. The Summer Investigation Programme Of The Instituto Americano. Current German Activities. Book Reviews. A Query On The Twelve Churches And The Seven Caves.
  • NWA #15 1955 Vol. 2 No. 9
    Homage To Paul Rivet. The Abbey Art Centre Museum At New Barnet, Hertfordshire, England. Texas Street Artifacts by John Witthoft. Obituary: The Late Lewis Spence. News From USA. Ethno-Musicology. Extracts From The Interamerican.
  • NWA #16 1955 Vol. 2 No. 10
    Editorial. Man In America: A Typological Judgement by John Witthoft. An Introductory Letter From Carmen Baggerly. Six Churches And Seven Caves: A Reply by K.B. Jamieson. Extracts From Interamerican. Book Notes.
  • NWA #17 1955 Vol. 2 No. 11
    International Congress. 32nd International Congress Of Americanists. The Fifth Congress Of Anthropology And Ethology. American News. Man In America: A Typological Judgment. Part II by John Witthoft.
  • NWA #18 1955 Vol. 2 No. 12
    The American Indian. Editorial. Man In America (Conclusion) by John Witthoft. Preliminary Report On A Stone Object Found In Southern California by A.L. Joquel II. The American Indian by C. Taylor. Letter From George F. Carter. Book Notes.
  • NWA #19 1956 Vol. 3 No. 1
    A Question Of Definition. Artifacts Of Lower Palaeolithic And Eolithic Pattern From Drift Of The Wisconsin Glaciation, Cary Substage, In Eastern Michigan by Carmen Baggerly. Terminology In West Mexican Archaeology by Carl B. Compton. Las Civilizaciones Antiguas Del Viejo Mundo Y De America. A New Venture.
  • NWA #20 1956 February Vol. 3 No. 2
    Pushing The Threshold Of History Back. 32nd International Congress Of Americanists, Copenhagen, Denmark. A Letter From Jans Yde. A Letter From George F. Carter. News From USA. Bibliography From John Witthoft’s Recent Articles.
  • NWA #21 1956 March Vol. 3 No. 3
    Archaeology By Extra Sensory Perception. Homeaje Al Dr. Rivet. Ethno Musicology. Reported discovery Of A Mayan Codex. American Notes. Book Reviews.
  • NWA #22 1956 April Vol. 3 No. 4
    Letter From Madrid. An Introduction To The Study Of Form And Function In the Mask by J. Creedy. The Sheguiandah Site. The Antiquity Of Man. Neither Man Nor Ape. Book Reviews. Diego De Landa And The Maya Hieroglyphs.
  • NWA #23 1956 May Vol. 3 No. 5
    American Indian Problem—New Approach. American Notes. Books.
  • NWA #24 1956 June Vol. 3 No. 6
    Paleo-Americans In South America? Masks Of the Americas by J.M. Creedy. The Jablonec Codex. A Letter From Dr. V. Solc. The Philadelphia Anthropological Congress. American News. Book Reviews.
  • NWA #25 1956 July Vol. 3 No. 7
    A New Archaeological Museum In Bolivia. Salvage Archaeology In The United States by Robert L. Stephenson. Letter From George F. Carter. Book Reviews.
  • NWA #26 1956 August Vol. 3 No. 8
    A New Field For Anthropology. An Indian’s Right To A Fair Trial. Consent Of The Governed by Oliver La Farge. USA News. Ternifine Hand Axes. Letter from Munsell Color Company, Inc.
  • NWA #27 1956 September Vol. 3 No. 9
    The Amateur And The Professional. Evidences Of Paleo-Indians In Venezuela, South America by Walter Dupouy. A Letter From Dr. Frans Blom. Ethno Musicology. An Interesting Cultural Problem. American Notes. The Interamerican On Amateurs. The Photon Machine. Books.
  • NWA #28 1956 October Vol. 3 No. 10
    The Anthropologist And The Mechanism Of Government. El Quechua by Abdon Yaranga Valderrama. Variant Mexican Calendars: A Hypothesis by C.A. Burland. A Practical Plan For Indian Progress by Charles Russell. Book Notes. American Notes. Obituaries: Dr. Elgin Williams; George W. Brainerd.
  • NWA #29 1956 November Vol. 3 No. 11
    A Minor Historical Mystery. The BBC And American Archaeology. Modern Folk Poetry From The Peruvian Andes. The Copenhagen Progress. A Preliminary Note by Beryl De Zoete. American Notes. Book And Publications.
  • NWA #30 1956 December Vol. 3 No. 12
    What Is Truth? Link Between Abbots Bromley (England) And Navajo Indians. A Note On Work In progress by George F. Carter. Book Reviews. Obituary: Dr. Frederick Webb Hodge.
  • NWA #31 1957 January Vol. 4 No. 1
    Migration To the Americas. Maya Correlations by C.A. Burland. How Early The Earliest Americans? Part II by Carl B. Compton. Letter From The New World Archaeological Foundation. American Notes. Letter From National Museum In Prague. Department Of Prehistory. Book Note. The Archaeologists II. Book Lists Received.
  • NWA #32 1957 February Vol. 4 No. 2
    Politics And Archaeology. The Lagoa Santa Project by W.R. Hunt. London Notes. Radio. American Notes. Book Note. Book Lists Received.
  • NWA #33 1957 March Vol. 4 No. 3
    Missouri Basin Project. Archaeological Progress Report No. 1. Field Season Of 1956. Peralta Complex—A Sonoran Variant Of The Cochise Culture by George E. Fay. Books.
  • NWA #34 1957 April Vol. 4 No. 4
    The Problem Of The Amateur Collector. The Vanishing Homeland by W.O. Roberts. American Notes. Southern State College Of Arkansas. Field Trip To Mexico. Books And Periodicals.
  • NWA #35 1957 May Vol. 4 No. 5
    This Small World. A Letter From Colonel J. Agostino, O.B.E.. American Notes. USA News. The Tikal Project. A Letter From Robert Henseling. Books. Obituary. More American Notes.
  • NWA #36 1957 June Vol. 4 No. 6
    Astronomical Observations And The Dating Of Certain American Monuments. Astronomy And Mexican History. More Petroglyphs. Eningen Unter Achaim, Bei Reutlingen, Schillerstrasse 30, Germany. American Notes. Books And Radio. USA News.
  • NWA #37 1957 July Vol. 4 No. 7
    Archaeology And Religious Faith. The New Translation Of The “Cantares Mexicanos” by G. Kutscher. American Notes. Blood Groupings. Mormon Archaeology by Ross T. Christensen. Books.
  • NWA #38 1957 August/September Vol. 4 Nos. 8/9
    The Periodicity Of Halley’s Comet As A Basis For Historical Dates. Human Culture Linked To A Sine Wave. Festival Latinoamericano De Musica Concurso De Obras De Camera. 33rd International Congress Of Americanists. Books. Book Reviews. Broadcasting.
  • NWA #39 1957 October Vol. 4 No. 10
    Dropping The Pilot. The Problem Of Tektites. Animals In Pre Columbian Art. American Notes. Books.
  • NWA #40 1957 November Vol. 4 No. 11
    A New Era Opens For The Archaeologist. Aguacate: A Masculine Sex Symbol by K.B. Jamieson. Two Fresh Approaches. Seminar Of Prehistory In Prague. Books.
  • NWA #41 1957 December Vol. 4 No. 12
    The Tree Of Life. The New Finds Of Paleolithic Type Artifacts In Venezuela by Walter Dupouy. The Masma Culture by D. Ruzo. Books.
  • NWA #42 1958 January Vol. 5 No. 1
    A Question Of The Times. The Origin Of The Maya Chronological System. Royal Anthropological Institute Of Great Britain And Ireland. The Pedra Pintada by Marcel Homet. Recent American Discoveries. Books.
  • NWA #43 1958 February Vol. 5 No. 2
    Anglo American Co-Operation. A Plea For Americanistics. A New Method Of Dating. The Analytical Approach. Exhibition Of Contrasting Art Forms At Furman Gallery. Books.
  • NWA #44 1958 March Vol. 5 No. 3
    Non Multa Sed Multem. The Toltecs. News From The Still Vexed Bermoothes. A Letter From K.B. Jamieson Of The Scottish Anthropological And Folklore Society. Some Universal Mythologems Expressed In The Religion Of Ancient Mexico. Books.
  • NWA #45 1958 April/May Vol. 5 Nos. 4/5
    Centenary Of A Journal. Calaveras by Carl B. Compton. American Notes. Books.
  • NWA #46 1958 June Vol. 5 No. 6
    The Microfilming Of Codices. The Law Of Diminishing Returns. Pre-Columbian Visitors To America. Carbon Dates. American Notes by C.B. Compton. A Story Of Archaeological Discovery? Books.
  • NWA #47 1958 July Vol. 5 No. 7
    The Advantages Of A Double Check. The Use Of Natural Latex To Record Carvings by P.J. O’Brien. American Notes. Books.
  • NWA #48 1958 August Vol. 5 No. 8
    The Danger Of Fossilisation. To And Fro Before Columbus by K.B. Jamieson. Books. A New And Reasonable Microfilm Reader.
  • NWA #49 1958 September Vol. 5 No. 9
    The Dating Of Cave Paintings And Drawings. To And Fro Before Columbus. Part II by K.B. Jamieson. Diminishing Returns. Books. A New And Much-Needed School by Carl B. Compton.
  • NWA #50 1958 October Vol. 5 No. 10
    The Protection Of Ancient Monuments. American Notes by Carl B. Compton. The Masma Culture. Casopis Narodniho Musea. Part I. Prague. The Ohio Archaeologist. Books.
  • NWA #51 1958 November Vol. 5 No. 11
    A Need For A Fresh Orientation. Honour To Carl B. Compton. Mystery Effigies Of The Grand Canyon by Bernard W. Powell. Books. American Notes.
  • NWA #52 1958 December Vol. 5 No. 12
    What Constitutes Education? The Voyage Of The Argonauts. The Kensington Stone. Dating Becomes A Specialised Science In The USA. Team Work In Medicine. The Delpierre And Sharples Expedition. Books.
  • NWA #53 1959 January/February Vol. 6 Nos. 1 & 2
    Introduction by Egerton Sykes. The Return Journey Of The Argonauts by Professor Dr. Sergei A. Kovalevski.
  • NWA #54 1959 March Vol. 6 No. 3
    The Value Of Statistics. Sex In Archaeology. American Notes by C.B. Compton. A Letter From C.A. Burland. The Argonauts. Annotated Index Of Ethnographic Films. Books. Book Lists Received.
  • NWA #55 1959 April Vol. 6 No. 4
    Local Collections Of Americana. The Problem Of The Discovery Of America by G.D. Mamedbeili. Letter From Dr. Margaret Murray. The Kensington Stone And Other Disputed Artifacts. A Letter From Arthur G. Smith. Book Reviews. Book Lists Received.
  • NWA #56 1959 May Vol. 6 No. 5
    The Masma Culture On The Marcahuasi Plateau by H.S. Bellamy. Letter From C.A. Burland. Seminar On American Culture. Who Is To Be The Patron Of Archaeology? Books.
  • NWA #57 1959 June Vol. 6 No. 6
    Are We As Advanced As We Think? Weapons And Culture. Symbols For The Tornado. Cupstones by Arthur George Smith. An Early Medallion From Siberia. The Kensington Stone. Books.
  • NWA #58 1959 July Vol. 6 No. 7
    On Atlases. This Education Question. Nine Lords Of The Night: A Mexican problem by C.A. Burland. Indonesia Tektites. Blood Groupings. A Letter From Vladimir Vikentiev. Masma Rock Carvings. Aquatic Monsters In The Lakes Of North America. XXXIVth International Congress Of Americanists. Books. Professor Kovalevski’s Argonauts.
  • NWA #59 1959 August Vol. 6 No. 8
    Render Unto Caesar! Psychosclerosis In British Anthropology? A Question Of Semantic Values. Zinjanthropus Boisei. An Early Account Of Tiahuanaco by Edmund Kiss.
  • NWA #60 1959 September/October Vol. 6 Nos. 9/10
    The Piri Reis World Map. The Symbols Of The Golden Wall. The Musee De L’Homme, Paris. The Function Of The Shaman. Queen Djosert Onkh by Professor Valdimir Vikentiev. Books.
  • NWA #61 1959 November Vol. 6 No. 11
    Primitive Giants? Some Questions On Pei’s “Giant Ape”. R.H. Dalgety. The Piri Reis Map And Other Unsolved Problems. Books.
  • NWA #62 1959 December Vol. 6 No. 12
    Correction And Apology. Le Musee National De Tehran. Two Mexican Museum Developments. A relatively Neglected Source Of Archaeological Information. More On Early Maps. Two Communications From Dr. Zhirov. Books.
  • NWA #63 1960 January Vol. 7 No. 1
    Limiting Factors. Present Salvage Archaeology Provisions At Military Maximum Security Bases by George A. Agogino. The Identification Of The Azores. Book Review.
  • NWA #64 1960 February Vol. 7 No. 2
    The Standardisation Of Datings For Sequences. The Need For More State And Federal Aid For Paleo-Archaeology In The United States by George A. Agogino. The Archaeology Of The Caroline Islands. A Somewhat Mysterious Structure. Books. American Specimens In The Sir Jacob Epstein Collection by C.A. Burland.
  • NWA #65 1960 March Vol. 7 No. 3
    New Trends In Archaeology. Some Pre-Ceramic archaeological Problems In The Northern Plains And Plateau Area. How Dispassionate Should One Be? Cave Paintings In The Urals by Dr. N. Zhirov. The Mathematics Of Meso America. Books.
  • NWA #66 1960 April/May Vol. 7 Nos. 4/5
    “Nor Custom Stale”. The 34th International Congress Of Americanists, Vienna. Aquatic Monsters In The Lakes Of North America (Canada) by Elizabeth Long. The Objective Viewpoint. A Letter From Professor Atkinson. Long Playing Record Of Guajira Music. Information In Foreign Languages. The Dangers Of Isolation In Science. The Missouri Basin Chronology Program. Smithsonian Institution. Iraq Petroleum. Pennsylvania Archaeologist. Books.
  • NWA #67 1960 June Vol. 7 No. 6
    Oceans Apart. Stagnation In Oceanography. Some Early Appearances Of Halley’s Comet.
  • NWA #68 1960 July Vol. 7 No. 7
    The Tercentenary Of The Royal Society. The International Congress Of Americanists: Vienna 1960 by C.A. Burland. Ancestral Man In The Far East. Fraudulent Artifacts. A New Approach To The Maya Scripts? by Carl B. Compton. Books.
  • NWA #69 1960 August Vol. 7 No. 8
    Where Did The Maya Originate? An Alternative Theory Of Diffusion For The Meso And South American Cultures. American Petroglyphs. Giant Underwater Tower Near Newport. The Unusual And A Museum. Books.
  • NWA #70 1960 September/October Vol. 7 Nos. 9/10
    The Other Alternative Source For The Maya. A Letter From C.A. Burland. The Land Where The Tall Corn Grows. Klanath Falls, Oregon, Inscriptions. A Letter From Carl B. Compton. African Ideas On History. On Publication In “Minor” Journals. Books.
  • NWA #71 1960 November Vol. 7 No. 11
    Christopher Columbus. The Writings Of Christopher Columbus by Professor J.J. Zukernik. The Letter Of Christopher Columbus To Sant’ Angel, Dated 15th February, 1493. A Critical Commentary by Professor J.J. Zukernik. Books And Exhibitions.
  • NWA #72 1960 December Vol. 7 No. 12
    “Once More Unto The Breach, Dear Friends”. On The Last Theory Of Ice Ages by Nils Odhner And Rene Malaise. American Notes. Books.
  • NWA #73 1961 January Vol. 8 No. 1
    The First Voyage Of Columbus. Relationship Between The Aztecs, The Mayas And The Incas. First North Peruvian Archaeological, Paris. Exhibitions And Books.
  • NWA #74 1961 February/March Vol. 8 Nos. 2/3
    The Breaking Of The Maya Codices. The Cultural Background Of Art Styles. Soviet Work On The Maya Scripts. America’s First People by Carl B. Compton. Books.
  • NWA #75 1961 April Vol. 8 No. 4
    The Journal Of Columbus. Paper No. 2 by Professor D. Zukernik. Maya Theology. Books.
  • NWA #76 1961 May Vol. 8 No. 5
    A Solution Of One Of The Contradictions In The Documents Concerning The Voyages Of Columbus by Professor D.J. Zukernik.
  • NWA #77 1961 June Vol. 8 No. 6
    Lost Continents. The Early History Of The Ainu Of Japan by Dr. N. Th. Zhirov. The Archaeology Of Micronesia. A Solution To One Of The Contradictions In The Documents Concerning The Voyages Of Columbus. Concluded from The May Issue by Professor D.J. Zukernik. Two Minor Queries On The Landfall Of Columbus. American Notes.
  • NWA #78 1961 July Vol. 8 No. 7
    The Question Of Indian Origins by Thomas E. Lee.
  • NWA #79 1961 August Vol. 8 No. 8
    The Breaking Of The Maya Codices. The Explanation Of The Contradictions Noted On The Globe Of Martin Behaim by Professor D.J. Zukernik. Appearance Of American Turkeys In Europe Before Columbus. The Land Bridge Over The Bering Straits? Roman Artifacts In The Americas. Books.
  • NWA #80 1961 September/October Vol. 8 Nos. 9/10
    An Apology. The Problem Of Pre Columbian Artifacts Of European Origin. Dr. Anibal Echevarria Reyes. These Maya Codices, And The Calculating Machine. The Diego-Factor And The Hypothesis By Thor Heyerdahl by Dr. N. Th. Zhirov. Addenda To Frauds In Ontario Archaeology. Books.
  • NWA #81 1961 November/December Vol. 8 Nos. 11/12
    The Problem Of Columbus. Further Observations On The Writings Of Christopher Columbus by Professor D. Zukernik. Labyrinths In America. Books.
  • NWA #82 1962 January/February Vol. 9 Nos. 1/2
    The Organisation Of Archaeology. The Rights And Duties Of Trained Archaeologists In Antiquity Legislation by Sally Sacks and George Agogino. Some Inscribed Stones From West Virginia. Books.
  • NWA #83 1962 March/April Vol. 9 Nos. 3/4
    Some Comments On The Inverhuron “Site” Of Ontario by Thomas E. Lee.
  • NWA #84 1962 June Vol. 9 No. 5
    Preoccupation With Minutiae. Some Comments On The “Pucksaw Put Culture” Of Ontario by Thomas E. Lee. The Question Of Swidden Agriculture. Books.
  • NWA #85 1962 August Vol. 9 No. 6
    Christopher Columbus And His Journals. A Strange Fallacy In The Journal Of The First Voyage Of Columbus. Part I by Professor D. Zukernik. A Letter From The Firelands Museum. Soviet Dating For Settlement Of America. Books.
  • NWA #86 1962 September Vol. 9 No. 7
    Columbus And His Expedition. European Gravitational Congress-Rome 1962. Sandia Man In The Northeast? by Thomas E. Lee. An Explanation Of The Fallacies In The Journal Of Columbus. Part 2 by Professor D. Zukernik. Prehistoric Remains At Brady Lake, Ohio.
  • NWA #87 1962 October Vol. 9 Nos. 8/9
    Editorial—The Word, The Idea, And The Deed by Vernon Leslie. The Prehistory Of Manitoulin Island, Ontario by Thomas E. Lee. Book Review. Correspondence.
  • NWA #88 1962 November Vol. 9 No. 10
    The Influence Of Gravito-Magnetic Anomalies On The Rise Of Cultures. How Civilisation Arose by Yu. G. Reshetov. Thoughts On The Cultural Compulsive by Vernon Leslie. Musee De L’Homme American. Sao Paulo, Brazil. Books.
  • NWA #89 1962 December Vol. 9 Nos. 11/12
    A Need For Background Co-Ordination. A Small Beach Site On The South Shore Of Lake Abitibi, Quebec by Thomas E. Lee. A Small Prehistoric Quarry At Lake Abitibi, Quebec. A Patination problem At Lake Abitibi, Canada. Books.
  • NWA #90 1963 January/February Vol. 10 Nos. 1/2
    Some Neglected Problems Of The Archaeology Of Northeastern North America by Vernon Leslie. Some Comments On The Brohm Site Of Northern Ontario by Thomas E. Lee. References. The Enigmatical Musketoon by S.R. Varshavsky. Norse Settlers Again. Some Norse Exploration Dates For Reference. Notes On The Karlsevene Family. Books.
  • NWA #91 1963 March/April Vol. 10 Nos. 3/4
    The Palaeo And The Archaic In The Upper Delaware by Vernon Leslie.
  • NWA #92 1963 May/June Vol. 10 Nos. 5/6
    The Breaking Of The Mayan Codices. Milanville Or Ground Side-Notched Arrowpoints by Vernon Leslie. A Comment On The History Of American Archaeological Study ‘The Rough Stuff’. Mystery Hill Caves, North Salem, New Hampshire by Robert F.W. Meader. The Sao Paulo Institute Of Prehistory. A Letter From Mr. Bente Bittman Simons. Books: Four Thousand Years Ago, A Panorama Of Life In The Second Millennium BC by Geoffrey Bibby. Mitos De Creacion En Sudamerica by A. Jimenez Nunez.
  • NWA #93 1963 July/August Vol. 10 Nos. 7/8
    A Typology Of Arrowpoints Found In Wayne County, Pennsylvania, And In Sullivan County, New York by Vernon Leslie. The Archaeology Of The Name “America” by Daniel W. Josselyn.
  • NWA #94 1963 September/October Vol. 10 Nos. 9/10
    The Burial And Exhumation Of Archaeological Materials By Natural Forces by Vernon Leslie. Sheguiandah: A Point Peninsula Workshop? by Thomas E. Lee. References. “End Of The Last Ice Age” by Daniel W. Josselyn. Anglo-Saxon Attitudes. A Correction From Dr. Zhirov. Books.
  • NWA #95 1963 November/December Vol. 10 Nos. 11/12
    Material For Publication. Pre Columbian Origins In North America. Forensic Archaeology by Vernon Leslie. New World Antiquity Index For 1962. Organisations In Brazil. Books. How To renew Your Subscription To New World Antiquity.
  • NWA #96 1964 January/February Vol. 11 Nos. 1/2
    Palaeo Man In North America. First Of Two Special Issues. Some Problems Of The Pre-Archaic by Vernon Leslie. Paleo Evidence In New England by William S. Fowler. Paleo-Transitional Projectile Points by Daniel W. Josselyn. Paleo-Man In Texas by Carl B. Compton.
  • NWA #97 1964 March/April Vol. 11 Nos. 3/4
    Paleo Man In North America. Second Special Issue. Vestiges Of Paleo-Indian Occupation Near Port Jervis, New York by David J. Werner.
  • NWA #98 1964 May/June Vol. 11 Nos. 5/6
    “Third Special Issue On Palaeo Man In North America”. Early Man In Canada by Thomas E. Lee. Book Review by Vernon Leslie.
  • NWA #99 1964 July/August Vol. 11 Nos. 7/8
    Notes On The Petrology Of Chipped-Stone Artifacts From The Upper Delaware Valley by Vernon Leslie. A Preliminary Report Of The Wapanucket #8 Site by Maurice Robbins. British Museum Maya Expedition. Books.
  • NWA #100 1964 September/October Vol. 11 Nos. 9/10
    A Typological Re-Evaluation Of The Paleo-Indian Cultures Of The High Plains by George A. Agogino. The Paleo In Alabama by Daniel W. Josselyn. Book Review by Vernon Leslie.
  • NWA #101 1964 November/December Vol. 11 Nos. 11/12
    1964 In Retrospect. A Statistical Approach To Archaeology by Robert H. Johnston. Obituary: Arthur George Smith. Very Primitive Boats by Arthur George Smith. Sheer Speculation by Arthur George Smith. The Cody Complex by George A. Agogino.
  • NWA #102 1965 January/February Vol. 12 Nos. 1/2
    The Mystery Of A Painting by Egerton Sykes. Notes On Pottery Making In Jaire Rio Ribeira De Iguape, Sao Paulo, Brazil by Bente Bittman Simons. The Statistics Of Statistics by Daniel W. Josselyn. Books.
  • NWA #103 1965 March/April Vol. 12 Nos. 3/4
    The Unavailability Of Source Material. Petrology In Archaeology: A Common-Sense Approach by Vernon Leslie. Books.
  • NWA #104 1965 May/June Vol. 12 Nos. 5/6
    Editorial Visit to The United States. The Possibility Of The Pre-Projectile Paleo-Indian by George A. Agogino. Archaic On Staten Island by Albert J. Anderson. Obituary: Professor D. Zukernik. Two Strange Pits On Smith’s Island, McGregor Bay, Ontario by Thomas E. Lee. The Israel Museum–Jerusalem. Books.
  • NWA #105 1965 July/August Vol. 12 Nos. 7/8
    The Two Kinds Of Archaeology. Diffusion Or Sterility. Editorial Visit To The United States. The Twilight Of Amateur Archaeology by Vernon Leslie. Plus Ca Change. The Earliest Shaving Equipment. Books. The Diffusion Of Cultures.
  • NWA #105 b) 1965 September/October Vol. 12 Nos. 8/9
  • NWA #106 1965 November/December Vol. 12 Nos. 11/12
    Visit To The United States. Increase In Subscription Rates. Maps As Sources Of Historical Information. The Ice Age, Relative Ocean Levels, And Isostasy by Daniel W. Josselyn. Books. The Dead Sea Scrolls. Payments From North America.
  • NWA #107 1966 January/February Vol. 13 Nos. 1/2
    A Lesson From The Past. The Crusades—Prelude To World Conquest. Background Chronology To The Crusades. Tobacco And The Red Indians. Ungava And The Pre Columbian Settlers.
  • NWA #108 1966 March/April Vol. 13 Nos. 3/4
    Human Skeletal Materials And Pleistocene Man In North America by Edward M. Dolan.
  • NWA #109 1966 May/June Vol. 13 Nos. 5/6
    The Relationship Of Diffusionism To Anthropology And Archaeology. What Is The Archaic? by Vernon Leslie. Underwater Archaeology Off The Peruvian Coast. Books. The Russians And The Vineland Map. The Islands Of The Caribbean. Nicolas Of Lynne—An English Pre Columbian Voyager.
  • NWA #110 1966 July/August Vol. 13 Nos. 7/8
    Oceanography—The Opposing Views. The Caribbean. This Question Of Diffusion. Dr. S.E. Varshavesky And Pre Columbian Travellers. Books. Pre Columbian Art Chez Gubelin, Geneva.
  • NWA #111 1966 September/October Vol. 13 Nos. 9/10
    Editorial Visit To The United States. Myth, Legend, And History. The Discovery Of Scotland By The Eskimos. The Latvian Crater Problem. Books. Christopher Columbus. Astronomical Structures And Early Cultures.
  • NWA #112 1966 November/December Vol. 13 Nos. 11/12
  • NWA #113 Index (2 page document) for 1966 Vol. 13 Nos. 1-12
  • NWA #114 1967 January/February Vol. 14 Nos. 1/2
    Reliable Archaeological Clocks. Archaeology And Astronomy. Primitive Astronomy by C.A. Burland. Representations Of Extinct Animals In Ohio Hieroglyphs. More News Of Pre Columbian Travellers. The Archaeologist As An Armchair Detective. A Dating Query. Kobystan Rock Drawings. Underground Temple In Desert. Petroglyphs. The Activities Of The Emmerich Gallery. The Gods Of Mexico.
  • NWA #115 1967 March/April Vol. 14 Nos. 3/4
    The Professional And The Amateur. Stone Circles And Pyramids. The Appaloosa Horse. Underwater Archaeology. The Pennsylvania Institute Of Anthropology. A Letter From Mr. James L. Swauger. Books.
  • NWA #116 1967 May/June Vol. 14 Nos. 5/6
    History Of The Codices Of Cholula (Mexico) by Bente Bittman Simons. Books.
  • NWA #117 1967 July/August Vol. 14 Nos. 7/8
    The Classics And The Pre Columbian Explorers. Ancient Colchis And The Andean Altiplano by Dr. H. Mertz. King Arthur In English History. Camelot by C.A. Burland. King Arthur A Scot? Books. In Forthcoming Issues.
  • NWA #118 1967 September/October Vol. 14 Nos. 9/10
    A Philosophy For Archaeology. Arabs And The African Atlantic Islands by M.D.W. Jeffreys. Roman Artifacts In Maine. The Norsemen And The Celts. A Discovery On The Susquehanna River. The Archaeologist And The Pattern Of Cosmic History. Books.
  • NWA #119 1967 November/December Vol. 14 Nos. 11/12
    The Fear Of Greatness. Further Notes On Stone Tools In The Glacial Drift Of Michigan by Carmen Baggerly. Measuring In Antiquity. Diffusion And The Antipodes. Books And Exhibitions. The Sahara Inland Sea.
  • NWA #120-125: These Were Duplicate Journals & Auctioned Off.
  • NWA #126 1968 January/February Vol. 15 Nos. 1/2
    Men Of Good Faith. The Carlos Crespi Collection, Cuenca, Ecuador by J. Manson Valentine. The Santorini Heresy. Additional Notes On The Michigan Drift Artifacts by Carmen D. Baggerly. The Baggerly Gravelstones, Imlay Channel, Michigan. A Reply From Thomas E. Lee. Another Richmond In The Field. The Voyage Of The Argo. Reply To Dr. Henriette Mertz.
  • NWA #127 1968 March/April Vol. 15 Nos. 3/4
    Lost Opportunities. Diffusion From The Eastern Mediterranean. Books.
  • NWA #128 1968 May/June Vol. 15 Nos. 5/6
    Geographical Displacement. A Reply To Dr. Valentine by Henriette Mertz. Votan The Third—The Snake Priest—A Phoenician Sea Captain? The Problem Of The Baggerly Stones. Dawn Men Of Asia. The Heavener Runestone. Movements From Yakutia To Alaska. Reference Work On Soviet Cultural Monuments. The Mysterious Grain. Review by L. Young.
  • NWA #129 1968 July/August Vol. 15 Nos. 7/8
    A Personal Message. The Ruzo Concept. The Masma Culture by Luis Felipe Angell. These Roman Artifacts. The Three Pyramids Of Giza. Books.
  • NWA #130 1968 September/October Vol. 15 Nos. 9/10
    Data Available To Columbus. Pre Columbian Atlantic Charts. The Most Reliable Astronomical Clock by Billy MacCormac. Radiation Trapped In The Earth’s Magnetic Field. The Indus Civilisation.
  • NWA #131 1968 November/December Vol. 15 Nos. 11/12
    Missing The Boat. Some Early Nordic Travellers To America by S.R. Varschavesky. Romans And Phoenicians In The Far East. The Bahamas Temple. Approaching BC 10,000. An Early World Map. Books.
  • NWA #132 Index (2 page document) for 1968 Vol. 15 Nos. 1-12
  • NWA #133 1969 January/February Vol. 16 Nos. 1/2
    Space Travel. The Nature Of History. Elephants In Central America. Quanats In the New World. The Effect Of Gravitic And Magnetic Fields On Evolution. Mathematics In Pre History. Books: Perspectives In Archaeology; High Energy Astrophysics; Introduction To Solar Terrestrial Relations. Change Of Address.
  • NWA #134 1969 March/April Vol. 16 Nos. 3/4
    Under Sea And In The Skies. The Origins Of Hindu Culture. Underwater Archaeology. Paucity Of Knowledge. Thor Heyerdahl Seeking Evidence Of Pre Columbian Contacts Between Egypt And America. The Fixing Of Early Dates. On The Discovery Of New Sites. The Odhner Theory Of Crustal Movements. Books.
  • NWA #135 1969 May/June Vol. 16 Nos. 5/6
    Special issue. Nicolas Of Lynn. The Explorer Of the Arctic 1330 To 1390 With Four Maps by Egerton Sykes.
  • NWA #136 1969 July/August Vol. 16 Nos. 7/8
    Super Novae And History. Planetary Archaeology. The Irish As Atlantic Travellers. Does Neanderthal Man Survive In Asia? Books: The Giza Pyramid Complex; Aconagua; The Indian Tribes Of North America; Egyptian Mythology; Russian Work On American Cultures Of The Past.
  • NWA #137 1969 September/October Vol. 16 Nos. 9/10
    Who, How, When, Where? The Piri Reis Map And Its Antecedents. Professor Michael Kamienski. The End Of Immutability. Footnote To The Santorini Heresy. Books: Les Jeux De Ficelle; Buddha; Katunob; Charters, Constitutions Of Northern Plains Indians; Rock Art North Of The Mexican Border; Mexican And Central American Mythology. Rabbi Dr. Jacob L. Friend Of Atlanta.
  • NWA #138 1969 November/December Vol. 16 Nos. 11/12
    Again the Question Of American Origins. Toscanelli And The Vinland Map. The Egyptians As Ship Builders. Diffusion Today. Books: America Before Columbus; Sea Routes In Diffusion; The Geological Ages; Pre Columbian Jade From Costa Rica; 150 Let Narodniho Muzea V Pradze; Revista Espanola De Antropologica Americana.
  • NWA #139 1970 January/February Vol. 17 Nos. 1/2
    Two Near Eastern Antiquities. The Great Temple Of Jerusalem. The Great Temple Of Baalbek. Inscribed Stones. Rockets. Books: Syria BC 1550-1400 by M.S. Drower.
  • NWA #140 1970 March/April Vol. 17 Nos. 3/4
    Once More Unto The Breach Dear Friends. Chinese And Japanese Explorers In America. The Great Lakes Region. V.H. Cassidy On The Pre Columbians. Source Material Required. Inscribed Stone At Dolores, Montevideo. Dee F. Green And The Mormons. Professor Gwyn Jones On the Norsemen. Captain Cook And Columbus—Repetition Of A Pattern. Books: El Templete Semisubterraneo De Tiwanaku; The Coinage Of Bohemia.
  • NWA #141 1970 May/June Vol. 17 Nos. 5/6
    History And The Stars. Letter From Louis Winkler. The Pleiades In Ancient Times by L. Winkler. The Other Side Of the Medal. The Catalan Forge And The Production Of Early Iron Weapons. Heyerdahl, The Egyptians And The Americas. More Chinese Travellers. Book review: King David Leaping And Dancing by E.B. Thomas.
  • NWA #142 1970 July/August Vol. 17 Nos. 7/8
    A Change Of Climate. The Unused Focal Point. Dr. Cyrus H. Gordon And Early Cultural Contacts. More News On Chinese Exploration. A Possible Relationship Between The Beothuk Indians And The Phoenicians. Books And Exhibitions: Pre Colonial Highways Of Bolivia; The Indian Tribes Of Oklahoma; Art Of Ancient Italy, An Andre Emmerich Exhibition; Digs And Diggers.
  • NWA #143 1970 September/October Vol. 17 Nos. 9/10
    Astronomy And History. History And The Origin Of Halloween, Thanksgiving, And The New Year by Louis Winkler.
  • NWA #144 1970 November/December Vol. 17 Nos. 11/12
    Aspects Of Diffusion. Varangian Rune Stones In The Mississippi Basin. Zimbabwe And The Outside World. Early Man In California. Ravens As Navigational Aids. Furs As A Basis For Transatlantic Contacts. Books: Rukopisy Bibliothecae Castri Krivolet; In Strangest Europe; Family And Christian Names.
  • NWA #145 1971 January/February Vol. 18 Nos. 1/2
    A Question Of Patterns. Kaali Meteor Craters Establish Date Of King Minos. Biblical Archaeology. A Bridging Of A Gulf. Professor Michael Kamienski. Obituary: Dr. N. Th. Zhirov. The Mystery Hill Complex. Steel Spear Heads From Sparta. These Red Headed Nevada Giants. Corte Reale And The Dighton Rock. Book: The Old Straight Track by Alfred Watkins.
  • NWA #146 1971 March/April Vol. 18 Nos. 2/3
    Phoenician Inscriptions In The Americas. Nevada—Land Of The Giants. Cuba, Haiti And The Caribbean. Book Review: Menschentypen.
  • NWA #147 1971 May/June Vol. 18 Nos. 4/5
    Background To Culture. The White Horses Of England. Return To Glozel. The Basques. The Russian Astronauts. Books: Island Of Menstrutating Men; Sbornik; Grupos Sanguineos En Momias Del Altiplano; The Linear Scripts And The Tablets As Historical Documents; Studies In The History Of Civilisation.
  • NWA #148 1971 July/August Vol. 18 Nos. 7/8
    Full Circle. Meteor Strikes In The North Pacific. Early European Discoverers Of America. European Writing In BC 4000. The Bat’s Creek Stone. Primitive Chinese Culture. Gravitic Anomalies. Carolina Bays.
  • NWA #149 1971 September/October Vol. 18 Nos. 9/10
    Classical Eras. Space Archaeology. The First Arrivals. Votan, The Popul Vuh And King Solomon. Why The Cromagnons Managed To Eliminate The Neanderthals. Books: Before Columbus by C.H. Gordon; The Parahyba Inscription by J. Ayoob; The New Diffusionists; Sbornik.
  • NWA #150 1971 November/December Vol. 18 Nos. 11/12
    International Harmony And The Postal System. An Error In Numeration. Conflicting Claims. The Lodestone Mountain And The Magnetic Pole. The Phaistos Disc. Catastrophe Myths And The Canadian Shield. An Interesting Historical Miscalculation. “Plus Ca Change, Plus C’est La Meme Chose”. Books And Exhibitions: Amazonia—Man And Culture by Dr. B.J. Meggers; Helen Frankenthaler At The Andre Emmerich Gallery; Atlantis by Dr. N.Th. Zhirov; Vergil And The Bible World by Dr. C.W. Gordon; Cautantowwit’s House by William Stanton Simmons; The Alaska Journal.
  • NWA #151 1972 January/February Vol. 19 Nos. 1/2
    The Mormon Approach. Some Pre Columbian Incursions from the Mediterranean To the East Coast And The Mississippi Basin, Two Maps. Calendrical Origins. Books: The Happening Art Of Eek; An Introduction To the Ukrainian Canadian Immigrant Folksong Cycle; The Palaeontography Of Central And Eastern Asia.
  • NWA #152 1972 March/April Vol. 19 Nos. 3/4
    New Concepts In World History. Some Defects Of Glacial Theory, With A Probable catastrophic Cause Of The Drift And Ice Age Suggested by Chester A. Davis. Book Review: An Alternative To Continental Drift by Rene Malaise.
  • NWA #153 1972 May/June Vol. 19 Nos. 5/6
    The Impact Of History. The Militant Hindus. A Study In Asian History. Books: Sex And The Unborn Child; A Garland Of Rue.
  • NWA #154 1972 July/August Vol. 19 Nos. 7/8
    The Direction Finders. The Awakening Of Scientific Thought In The Mediterranean Era. Part I. The Need For A New Approach. Cosmic Disasters And History. Books: Folksongs from Southern New Brunswick; The Art Of Buda And Pest in The Middle Ages.
  • NWA #155 1972 September/October Vol. 19 Nos. 9/10
    The Tide Flows. Institute Of Selenodesia At Kiev. The Archaic Age In The Mediterranean. Artificial Inland Sea In Siberia. Those Mississippi Rune Stones. Death Of Professor Martin Leakey. The Identification Of Cerne and Thymaterion. Books And Exhibitions: Collective Violence; Educational Expeditions International; David Hockney Exhibition.
  • NWA #156 1972 November/December Vol. 19 Nos. 11/12
    Need For A Fresh Approach. Some Aspects Of Early Technology In China And Japan. Paul Rivet And The Origins Of American Man. The Wilmington Long Man. Books And Exhibitions: The Journal Of Indo European Studies; Rice And Man; Katunob Vol II 1969; The Trickster.
  • NWA #157 1973 January/February Vol. 20 Nos. 1/2
    Breakdown In Communications. Archaic Age In The Mediterranean. Part 2. Greenland—The Half Way Station. Books And Exhibitions: Botero—Galerie Claude Bernard; Vampires, Dwarves, And Witches Among The Ontario Kashubs; Sa, Szafran—Galerier Bernard. Back Issues Of New World Antiquity.
  • NWA #158 1973 March/April Vol. 20 Nos. 3/4
    Confusion In Pre History. The Place Of Astronomy In The Ancient World. A Possible Break Through In Interspatial Communication. Glider Concepts In Ancient Space. Books And Exhibitions: Parent Child Telepathy by B.E. Schwartz. Why Faith Healing? by M.O. Jones. Popular Archaeology.
  • NWA #159 1973 May/June Vol. 20 Nos. 5/6
    History Under The Waters. Sunken Cultures Of The North Sea And The English Channel a. Heligoland And Spanuth B. Friesland And The Oera Linda Boek c. Ys And LyonYsse. Serendipity In Megalithic Research. Books: The Piltdown Man by R. Millar; Pale Ink by H. Mertz. Cadiz Congress.
  • NWA #160 1973 July/August Vol. 20 Nos. 7/8
    Shortsightedness. The Tartaria Tablets by L.M. Young. Books And Exhibitions: Drevnie Tsivilizatii Peru I Bolivii by V.A. Bashilov; Drevieeshie Tsivilizatii Mesoameriki by V.L. Gulyaev; Sbjornik XXV 4/5: The Maxmillian Collection; Tiwanku by Carlos Ponce Sangines; The God Kings And The Titans by James Baily; Morris Louis Show At Emmerich Gallery, Zurich; Ronnie Landfeld Show At Emmerich Downtown Gallery, New York; Sam Francis Show At Emmerich Downtown Gallery, New York; Before Columbus by Cyrus Gordon; Boletin De Antropologia, Antioquia, 111 12; The Clockwise Diffusionists by Egerton Sykes.
  • NWA #161 1973 September/October Vol. 20 Nos. 9/10
    Religious Festivals Of Megalithic Origin. Breton Terminology. Thom’s Megalithic Measures. The Carnac Megalithic Complex 1. Introduction 2. Er Grah 3. The Backsight Menhirs. Map Of the Carnac Complex. 4. The Alignments 5. The Cromlech Junction Boxes 6. Other Monuments 7. A Possible Serpent Symbol 8. General Considerations. Diagram Of The Alignments. 9. Bibliography.
  • NWA #162 1973 November/December Vol. 20 Nos. 11/12
    A Mysterious Date. The Velikovsky Revival. Big Bang Versus Steady State. Books: Archaeological Survey Of Canada: Vol. 6: Lake Harbour Vol. 7: Yukon Territory Vol. 8: Roebuck Site Vol. 9: Haida Burials Vol. 10: Annual Review Vol. 11: Middle Porcupine Vol. 12: Cow Point Vol. 13: Hecate Strait Vol. 14: Southern Alberta. Tara Birsei by Nicolas Dunnare.
  • NWA #163 1974 January/February Vol. 21 Nos. 1/2
    The Megalithic Period. A Change Of Viewpoint. Horse Worship And Allied Cults In Britain. Serpents At Carnac. Book Review: Religions Of Ancient Near East by H. Ringgren. The Longman Or Dodman Of Wilmington. The Kerlescan Cromlechs by Professor A. Thom.
  • NWA #164 1974 March/April Vol. 21 Nos. 3/4
    Pre Columbian Inscriptions. Remarks On An Ancient Judean Inscription From Tennessee by Robert R. Steiglitz. The Chariot Of The Gods. Obituary: Professor Michael Kamienski by Maciej Bielicki. Footnote by Egerton Sykes.
  • NWA #165 1974 May/June Vol. 21 Nos. 5/6
    Lack Of Fresh Information. The End Justifies The Means. The Awakening Of Scientific Thought In The Mediterranean. Part 2. Some Relevant Dates. Passages Of Halley’s Comet BC 4000 To BC 466. Exhibition: John Seery At The Emmerich Gallery.
  • NWA #166 1974 July/August Vol. 21 Nos. 7/8
    Lost Cities. Across The Pacific To South America—The Search For The Golden City. The Cometary Ring And Hans Hoerbiger. Books And Exhibitions: Humboldt And The Cosmos; Anthony Caro In Zurich.
  • NWA #167 1974 September/October Vol. 21 Nos. 9/10
    Peccavi. Glaston And The Grail 1. Preliminary 2. The Grail 3. Joseph Of Arimathea 3. The Tin And Woad Trades 4. Glaston And Iceland 6. King Arthur 7. The Abbey 8. The Zodiac 9. The Straight Tracks 10. Other Early Faiths 11. Envoi. Bibliography. Recent Publications And Tapes.
  • NWA #168 1974 November/December Vol. 21 Nos. 11/12
    The Search For El Dorado. El Dorado— The Golden City. Phoenician Inscriptions In British Guiana by L.M. Young. Increased Speed Of Terrestrial Rotation In The Past by L.A. Pukhljakov. Book Review: Human Evolution by B. Campbell.
  • NWA #169 Index for 1974 Vol. 21. Duplicate Auctioned Off.
  • NWA #170 Index (2 page document) for 1974 Vol. 21
  • NWA #171 1975 January/February Vol. 22 Nos. 1/2
    The Argo Expedition. An Epic Triangle Of Events. The Argo Expedition. Appendix 1. Geographical Names Appendix 2. Classical Sources Appendix 3. Modern Sources.
  • NWA #172 1975 March/April Vol. 22 Nos. 3/4
    Three Minds With But A Single Thought. The Return Of Jason And Medea, Odysseus And Phaethon. Odysseus And The Argonauts by N.Th. Zhirov. The Baltic Meteor Strike. Literary Sources. Book Review: In Search Of The Maya by R.L. Brunhouse.
  • NWA #173 1975 May/June Vol. 22 Nos. 5/6
    Other Preoccupations. The Norsemen And The Irish. The Mormons And Diffusion. A Problem For Cosmic Computer Experts. Books And Exhibitions: Theatralia by V. Pecharova & V. Stepan; Ceremonial Centres Of The Maya by R.C. Craven; Robert Motherwell At The Emmerich Gallery, Zurich; Riddles In History by Cyrus Gordon. Source Material
  • NWA #174 1975 July/August Vol. 22 Nos. 7/8
    Gravity And Evolution. Intelligence And Wisdom. Books And Exhibitions: A History Of Hallmarks by W.R.T. Wilkinson, London 1975; Principles Of Prehistoric Sacred Geography by Dr. J. Heintsch, Translated by M. Behrend, London 1975; In The Magic Land Of Peyote by Fernando Benitez. A Critique by J.L. Zentner; Runic by Nigel Pennick; Homer And The Homeric Age by J.V. Luce; Did The Ancient Romans Reach America by F. Pohl; The Montavalo Sarcophagus Exhibition, Milan.
  • NWA #175 1975 September/October Vol. 22 Nos. 9/10
    Minoan Culture. The Search For Oil As The Main Reason For The Argo Expedition. A Possible Norwegian Meteor Crater. Space Underground—An Underworld Vision by Ellis Hillman. The Origin Of The Doric Column by F.G. Creighton. Who Was The Mother Of Moses? Books And Exhibitions: From The Lands Of The Scythians—Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Los Angeles Museum Of Art; The Life Of Louis Leakey by Sonia Cole. Early Man And Prehistoric Animals. Random Sampling.
  • NWA #176 1975 November/December Vol. 22 Nos. 11/12
    America’s Glorious Past. Rendel Harris And North America. Were The Olmec’s An Egyptian Penal Colony? Tartar Bows—An Amplification. A Cup Compass Dated BC 1187. The Works Of Rendel Harris.
  • NWA #177 1976 January/February Vol. 23 Nos. 1/2
    Stonehenge: An Imago Mundi? An Alternative Point Of View.
  • NWA #178 1976 March/April Vol. 23 Nos. 3/4
    May Year Alignments by P.G. Creighton. History And The Stars by E. Sykes.
  • NWA #179 1976 May/June Vol. 23 Nos. 5/6
    The Failure Of Protests. The One Hand Of god: An American Theme by Paula Lutz. The Sacred Cow Of Today May Be The Mincemeat Of Tomorrow. The Orphic Argonaut. Hoerbiger And The March Of Science.
  • NWA #180 1976 July/August Vol. 23 Nos. 7/8
    Egypt In America by Egerton Sykes. a. Introduction b. The Driving Force c. How They Got There d. The Caribbean. e. The Eastern Mainland f. The Mississippi Valley Appendix: Events Between BC 4000 & BC 3000. Maps: 1. Atlantic Ocean 2. West Indies 3. Mississippi Valley 4. Florida 5. The East Coast. Some Works By Egerton Sykes.
  • NWA #181 1976 September to December Vol. 23 Nos. 9-12
    Deciphering Hitherto Unreadable Scripts. An Apology. Breaking The Maya Codices. The Sherbrook Inscriptions. The Ife Culture Of Nigeria As A Possible Remnant Of An Earlier Atlantic Culture. The Translation Of The Phaistos Disc. Books: The Place Of Astronomy In The Ancient World by L.M. Young. Unravelling The Past. Calalus—A Roman Jewish Colony by Professor Cyclone Cobey. Diffusion And The History Of The Past.
  • NWA #182 1977 January/February Vol. 24 Nos. 1/2
    Preface. The Megalithic Bandwaggon. Some Aspects Of Early Far Eastern Technology A. Flying Machines B. Lodestone Compasses: Wet And Dry. Astronomical Datings. A Fresh Planetary Alignment For The Great Pyramids. Hoerbiger After 64 Years. Books: Ancient Egyptians And Chinese In America by R. Jairazbhoy; Death And The Afterlife In Pre Columbian America. Edited by E.P. Benson.
  • NWA #183 1977 March/April Vol. 24 Nos. 3/4
    Difficulties Caused By Overlapping. Black Holes In the St. Andreas Fault? Ogham Writing. The Origins Of The Book Of Mormon. The Vela X Nova In Relationship To History. The Megalithic Post Circle Near St. Louis. Books: The Puerto Ricans by Ruby Rohrlich Leavitt; Ancient Iberian Compass Dials from Liria, Spain by Barry Fell; Paleopathological Diagnosis And Interpretation by R. Ted Steinbeock; The Great Pyramid And The Books Of Thoth.
  • NWA #184 1977 May/June Vol. 24 Nos. 5/6
    Science And Nationalism. A Personal Note. Archaeology And Technology. Man In California In BC 100,000. Pre Dynastic Egypt And The Pyramids. Rings Around Uranus. The Dawn Of Clear Vision. Mystery Hill—Pattee’s Caves. Mathematics In The Past. War And Technological Development. The Tunguskaya Meteor Strike. Visit To Spain.
  • NWA #185 1977 July/August Vol. 24 Nos. 7/8
    A Return To Columbus. The Writings Of Christopher Columbus. Part 1 by Professor J.J. Zukernik. A Question Of Mathematics. Books: Science & Society In Prehistoric Britain. The Callinish Site. More About Mystery Hill.
  • NWA #186 1977 September/October Vol. 24 Nos. 9/10
    Columbus And His Journal. Writings Of Columbus. Part 2 by Professor J.J. Zukernik. The Problems Facing Archaeology. A Still Unsolved Mystery Of The Azores. Books: Pre-Dynastic Egypt And The Great Pyramids; Voyage Of Mulek To The New World; Evolution And Ecology by J.H. Steward.
  • NWA #187 1977 November/December Vol. 24 Nos. 11/12
    Ethnography And Ecology, A Confusion Of Issues. The Problem Of Columbus. The Writings Of Columbus. Part 3 by Professor J.J. Zukernik. Early Speculations About Selene by F.H. Ridley. The Periplus Of Medea And Odysseus. Subsistence & Survival. Rural Ecology In The South Pacific by Bayliss Smith and Richard Feacham. Inaccuracy Inevitable In Religious And Scientific Speculation. The Voyage Of Medea And The Argo.
  • NWA #188 1978 January/February Vol. 25 Nos. 1/2
    Negative Matter. A Possible Solution To The Norumbega Problem. Archaeology And ESP. The Bimini Question. Cities Of the Past. The Voyage Of The Argo. Part 6. Map Of Classical North America.
  • NWA #189 1978 March/April Vol. 25 Nos. 3/4
    Both Sides Of The Coin. The Maya And Their Antecedents. Nagartha And Schamballa—Two Lost Kingdoms. Jupiter—A Star That Failed To Materialise. The Wandlebury Epos. Bacteria To Man In 3000 Million Years. The Asteroid Belt. Books: Stonehenge by Fred Hoyle; The Standing Stones Of The Lothians by Adam McLean; Le Canot D’Enforce De Weymontaching by Camil Guy; The Voyage Of Mulek by B. Johnson.
  • NWA #190 1978 May/June Vol. 25 Nos. 4/5
    Where Does History Begin? An Apology To Readers. The Racial Origin Of Tutankh-Amon. Aspects Of The Energy Crisis. The Lost Periplus Of Odysseus. Hoerbiger—A Fresh Version. Continental Shelves Vs Lost Continents. An Early Baltic Explorer. Difficulties Encountered In the Use Of Religious Source Material. Books: Letters From The Field by Margaret Mead; Canyon De Chelly by Campbell Grant.
  • NWA #191 1978 July/August Vol. 25 Nos. 7/8
    Micro Films. Change Of Address. The Gods Recorded In The Arab Pyramid Stories. Oceanography—New Developments. Phoebos: A Disintegrating Planet by L.M. Young. Calendrical Systems. The Explorers Club Of New York. Nikolai Telsa. Books: The Man Who Led Columbus To America by Paul H. Chapman; The Treasures Of Darkness by Thorkill Jaconsen; The Stones Of Atlantis by David Zink.
  • NWA #192 1978 September/October Vol. 25 Nos. 9/10
    The Modern Archaeological Perspective. Change Of Address. Calendars, Chronologies & Analogies by L.M. Young. The Relationship Of Haiti To Egypt With Map. Passage Graves And Stone Circles. Otherliness: Attitudes To Myth And Fantasy In Modern Theatre by F.A.Q. Walker. Books: Archaeological Monuments In Kamchatka, Chukota, And The Upper Reaches Of The Kolomaya. Asia Joining America In Ancient Times by M.N. Dikov; The Irish Mission To Britain And Europe by Constance Medden.
  • NWA #193 1978 November/December Vol. 25 Nos. 11/12
    Archaeology And History. Possible Egyptian Roots In America by R. Anjard. The Mythical Libyans. Bermuda Triangle No Menace. The Authenticity Of The Gospel Of The Holy Twelve by E. Buttner. A Possible Underwater Structure Near Andros Island by R.J. Brush. Seasonal Greetings. Books: Urbanisation Of The Americas, Edited by R.P. Schaedel, Jorge, Berlin, 1978; Catastrophism And Ancient History. Vol 1:1, 1978. Edited by M.A. Luckerman; Time & Traditions by Bruce Trigger, Edinburgh, 1978; Ancient Vermont. Edited by W.L. Cook, Castleton, VA, 1978.
  • NWA #194 1979 January/February Vol. 26 Nos. 1/2
    Archaeology And History. The Initial Stages Of Transatlantic Journeys. Pyramids Off Bermuda. Sunken Lands In The North Sea. Two Grades Of Culture. Haiti Equals Isis Plus Nephthys. The Islands Of The Enchanteress. Books And Exhibitions: “El Cacique En El Virreina Del Peru” by C.J.D. Rementiera; An Aspect Of Exploration And Archaeology; I Am; Evidence Of An Ancient Sumerian Plus Egyptian Settlement In New England by R. Keller and D. Randall; Atlantis by Dr. Zhirov and Dr. Muck; The Other Atlantis by R. Scrutton; The El Dorado Exhibition, Royal Academy, London.
  • NWA #195 1979 March/April Vol. 26 Nos. 3/4
    Aspects Of Early Culture In The Caribbean And The South Eastern United States. Chapter 1: Mysterious Keys To The Past Chapter 2: Lykontia Chapter 3: The Meropic Era. Map A=The Lykontian Plain by Sue Jellis Map B=The Meropic Empire by Sue Jellis Chapter 4: The Egyptian Phoenician Period. Otherliness. Part 2: Myth And The Modern Mind by F.A.Q. Walker. Three Missing Early Stories Of Meteor Strike. Forecast. Books: Pyramid Odyssey by Wm. R. Fix.
  • NWA #196 1979 May/June Vol. 26 Nos. 5/6
    Background To The Early Transatlantic Travellers. Aspects Of Early Culture In The S.E. States. Part 2. Florida-Phaecea. Map Of Phaecea. Otherliness. Part 3. The Matriarchal Role—Death Dealer/Life Giver by F.A.Q. Walker. Russian Discoveries On The Ampere Seamount. A Modern Prophecy. The Sothic Year And Its Possible Origin.
  • NWA #197 1979 July/August Vol. 26 Nos. 7/8
    The Russians And The Atlantis Question. Early Man In America. Exploration Today. Aspects Of Early American Culture: Part 3. The Mississippi Valley With Map. Some Neglected Early Sources. A Forgotten Solution to The Energy Crisis. A Critical Note From A Reader. Books: Stonehenge Planetarium by M. Saunders; Stone Circles, Information Storage by E. Pietsch; Saturn, Source Of Measure by E. Pietsch and Suzanne Thompson; Stonehenge Viewpoint by D.L. Cyr.
  • NWA #198 1979 September/October Vol. 26 Nos. 9/10
    Restarting Of An old Craft. Aspects Of Early American Culture: Part 4. The North East Coast. Carolinas To Rhode Island. Otherliness. Part 4. The Dancing Ground Of Divine Unfathomable Accident by F.A.Q. Walker. A Gulf That Must Be Bridged. Technological Competition. Books: World Archaeology; The Early Copper Age by Ida Bogner Kutzian. Some Relevant Literature On The Subject Of Transatlantic Diffusion.
  • NWA #199 1979 November/December Vol. 26 Nos. 11/12
    Hail And Farewell. Aspects Of Early American Culture: Part 5. From New England To The St. Lawrence Estuary. The Oera Linda Boek—With Map. Russian Undersea Discoveries On Atlantis by M. Barinov. Zodiacs. A Hidden Pyramid Discovery. Book Review: Ice Ages by J. & K.P. Imbrie. The Atlantis Library. Note From Publishers.

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