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Making of an Atlantean Scholar, by Anne Ruby [.pdf]
Ledger Star, 8 Oct. 1965 - Russians Join In; Briton Not Alone in Atlantis Hunt, by Jeffrey C. Warren

ledger star 1965

Daily Sketch, 30 Sept. 1966 - In Search of the Last Discovered Place on Earth, by Jane Gaskall

daily sketch 1966

A.R.G., 12 Oct. 1966 - Atlantis Tour

ARG 1966

4 May 1984 - Obituary, by Julian Amery

Amery obituary

Friends of the A.R.E. Library Newsletter, June 1999 - Scientific Atlantology and the Egerton Sykes Collection, by Anne Ruby

ARE LibraryNewsletter 1999

ARE LibraryNewsletter 1999

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