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Atlantology, the study of Atlantis, draws evidence from innumerable and diverse scholarly fields, including: anthropology, archaeology, astronomy, biology, classical literature, Egyptology, geography, geology, history, linguistics, mathematics, metaphysics, mythology, oceanography, and religion.

The science of Atlantology is well-described in Sykes' journals ATLANTIS (1948-1976) and NEW WORLD ANTIQUITY (1954-1979).

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The Civilization of Atlantis

Egerton Sykes

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World-Renowned Atlantologist

Egerton Sykes was not only the creator of the largest private collection on Atlantis in the world, he was a mythologist, amateur archaeologist, writer and editor, who prided himself on knowing every scientist around the world in the field of Atlantology from 1912 to 1950.

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Sykes' 1966 Lecture to the Explorer's Club in New York

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